Make premium dry fruits your corporate gift

“Nut-Lite”   A product of Kwality Foods based in Mumbai since 1999 has been into Corporate Gifting of Premium quality Dryfruits in Cans, Pouches, Bottles and variety of Gift Boxes.

Our Premium and Exotic Flavoured Nuts (Sweet  & Spicy) in Dryfruits are over 40 in Cashewnuts, Almonds, Kismis, Fox Nuts(Makhana) etc. besides Druggies, Chocolates and Sugarless Dryfruit Sweets 

Our latest range of products in our Nut-Lite brand are NUT BUTTERS Natural & Organic ( Turkish Hazelnut, Iranian Pistachios, Californian Almond, Cashewnuts, Peanuts, 7 Nuts & Seed Butter, Nuts & Honey in Glass Bottles in Nut-Lite gift boxes).

Kwality Foods is having manufacturing plant spread over 4 acres area (1,50,000 sq ft.) at Khopoli  Pali Road near Imagica Theme Park , Pune-Mumbai Western Express Highway having Imported German Roaster at our Factory and Dryfruits are processed and naturally flavoured using Deep Core & Roasting Technology. 

Nut-Lite brand Gift boxes are ideal for Corporate Gifting with customized options.  Our regular supplies are made through major Corporates, Airlines, 5 Star Hotels, Pharma companies,Banks,Builders,  Catering Institutions, Wedding Planners, Event Management, Multinational Companies and many more.

Our  latest Diwali Innovation introduced 1st time in India in Dryfruit is unique and excellent which is Nuts & Honey in 15g Blisters pack of 10 & 20 Blisters in our Nut-Lite Gift Boxes. You can also visit our site fore more details at

Nit-Lite will be participating in India’s premier corporate gifting expo- Giftex 2019 from 2nd to 5th August, Nehru Centre, Mumbai. Visit us at stall number: D-68

Key Takeaways from Indian Corporate Gifting Industry Survey

Here are some key takeaways from the Indian Corporate Gifting Industry survey by Giftex.

Indian corporate gifting industry is a fast-pace growing industry. Giftex being a pioneer in this industry for past three decades decided to carry out an extensive market survey. This survey concentrated on various aspects of Indian corporate gifting industry that will help the exhibitors to know the changing client preferences and also, will help buyers to plan their gifting effectively. This year Giftex joined hands with ResearchNxt team to carry the market research. Here are some key takeaways from the survey:

  • 67% of respondents have a well-defines budget for corporate gifting  
  • 37% of respondents spend an average of INR 500-1000 per unit on Corporate Gifts
  • #1 Pharmacy Sector is the top buyer of Corporate Gifts followed by Banking Finance and Insurance sector, Travel and Hospitality sector & IT Sectors
  • 73%of respondents consider innovation & packaging very important while buying Corporate Gifts
  • 68% of sellers list their products on online portals like Amazon and Flipkart, while only 29% of buyers are buying from online venues.
  • 64% of respondents consider quality of participants as the most important factor while considering a Gifting Exhibition

To visit Giftex you can now pre-register yourself at

Giftex - Corporate Gifting Expo

Find new ways to promote your brand at Giftex 2017

Finding new ways to promote your brand? Opt the corporate gifting way. Stay on top of the head of your customers as you gift them the perfectly complementing corporate gift. A gift that not just shows gratitude to your clients for their love and support but also carries a brand image of your brand and thus promotes it. This will increase the brand exposure and will help more and more customers to recollect it.

Get all the solutions related to corporate gifting at Giftex. India’s premier corporate gifting exhibition Giftex is successfully celebrating its 30 years of brand building, networking and gifting of course. Having more than 15,000 corporate visitors and more than 9,000 categories, it is a one stop shop for all types of corporate gifting solutions. Giftex was the first one to launch gifts and stationery exhibition in 1988 and since then it has been there in the industry dealing with many local and multinational brands. It was also amongst the strong forces behind supporting GSA – Gifts & Stationery Association’s activities.


This year the exhibition will be held from 28th-31st July 2017, Nehru Centre, Mumbai. To ensure that you catch this year’s corporate gifting season, visit to get your visitor’s badge or call us on 022-22075256/57/58. For any queries email us at

Aura Essence at Giftex 2016

Aura Essence is an authentic and therapeutic aromatherapy brand, with its foundations in the ancient science of Ayurveda. Each Essential Oil is a fusion between ancient recipes and modern technology they have been crafted by using best organic resources from nature while adhering to painstaking research done through centuries. These Essential oils are the pure essence of a plant and have been found to provide both psychological and physical benefits when used correctly and safely.

They can be used in four ways –

1) Cleansing and home

2) Spa and Relaxation

3) Beauty and Skin

4) Remedies and Natural Medicine

The products have – No artificial color. No artificial fragrance. No petrochemical parabens. No animal ingredients and our completely free of additives and preservatives. Aura Essence has been built on Purity, Quality and Authenticity. Packed in gift boxes with diffusers and a wide range of Pure Essential Oils, these are a perfect gift for better living and showing the receiver your thoughtfulness and care.


Aura Essence at Giftex



Blog Post by – Aura Essence

Please visit Aura Essence at stall # 88 @ Giftex 2016

This year the exhibition will be held from 29th July-1st August 2016, Nehru Centre, Mumbai. To ensure that you catch this year’s corporate gifting season, visit or call us on 022-22075256/57/58

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Ccolato at Giftex 2016

When you do something you love, it shows.

Take a bit of love and coalesce it with chocolate and voila! What you get is a piece of mysterious magic. A piece of wonder that seeks to achieve a romantic phantasm, swirling the perfect mélange of flavour and richness with every bite…lick…taste.

Made by the best, for the best — Ccolato chocolates are a dream that come into play with the help of premium quality cocoa that is enriched with the wholesome goodness of nuts and dried spices. Each bite is custom made to be a velvety delight, personifying finesse and grandeur.

Make the memoirs of your event uniquely memorable with giveaways that define the veracious meaning of decadent lux.

Founded by loyal Chocolatiers, Ccolato Chocolates aims to revolutionize every desire that the word “chocolate” yearns out. For the past 9 years, they have evolved from just being delicacies to standing tall as exquisite souvenirs– each created with exclusively curetted ingredients that are packaged as per personal requirement to leave a mark that always tells a passionate story.


Ccolato at Giftex 2016


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Please visit Ccolato at stall # 100 @ Giftex 2016

To ensure that you catch this year’s corporate gifting season, visit or call us on 022-22075256/57/58

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Holvin Foods at Giftex 2016

Wero is in the business of manufacturing artisan chocolates since 2009. We are passionate about the art of chocolate making and are totally committed towards using finest quality ingredients only.Our undeterred pursuit for high quality, constant innovation and good customer service has developed brand loyalty amongst our consumers.All our chocolates are strictly vegetarian and are prepared under the strict supervision of an ace chef, who is an alumnus of the esteemed French Culinary Institute, New York..

We specialise in the manufacture of centre-filled chocolates, mendiants and bars. Our centre filled chocolates are smooth and readily melt in your mouth. We cover an entire gamut of flavours that include nuts, dried fruits, nut pastes and spices. We always believe in offering high quality chocolates at an affordable price



What GIFTEX can do for us?

GIFTEX can help us reach the esteemed corporate clients of the country. We are currently based out of Mumbai and have most of our clients there. We hope GIFTEX can help us reach to a lot of new clients outside Mumbai.


Blog Post by – Holvin Foods

Please visit Holvin Foods at stall # 14 @ Giftex 2016

This year the exhibition will be held from 29th July-1st August 2016, Nehru Centre, Mumbai. To ensure that you catch this year’s corporate gifting season, visit or call us on 022-22075256/57/58

Sustenance at Giftex 2016

At Sustenance, we create food gifts that give back to the community. We are a boutique gifting studio and design elegant gifts featuring a range of delicious food items that are handcrafted and made in small batches using the highest quality ingredients either locally or sourced directly from artisans all over the country to ensure quality. For every box we sell, we provide a meal for those in need. We passionately believe in sustaining the community that sustains us.

Whether for a special individual or volume gifting, we work closely with individuals or corporates to design unique gifts perfect for every occasion. We truly believe that thoughtful gifts nurture relationships and therefore strive to create a memorable experience for every recipient.

Sustenance at GIFTEX


We truly believe that thoughtful gifts connects people and transforms relationships. Whether for a special occasion or just to show someone you care, let us help you create a memorable gift that makes a lasting impression.


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Please visit Sustenance at stall # 22 @ Giftex 2016

This year the exhibition will be held from 29th July-1st August 2016, Nehru Centre, Mumbai. To ensure that you catch this year’s corporate gifting season, visit or call us on 022-22075256/57/58

Instax– The Perfect Gift For All Occasions

Choosing that perfect gift for your loved ones can often be a challenge as the market is flooded with options. When we think of picking that gift, we want it to mean something to our loved ones. It should be something that they can enjoy, express themselves with and also share their joy.

The Instax range of instant cameras offers just the thing you’re looking for. Fujifilm has launched its Instax range in India earlier last year after its success worldwide. It allows people to enjoy high quality photos that are taken and printed instantly. You take a photo, Instant Print comes out of the camera, develops gradually and gets sharpened in a minute.

The Instax is a perfect gifting solution for all age groups and offers something for everyone. The current Instax range includes the Mini 8, Mini 25, Mini 90, Mini 70, Instax Hello Kitty and Wide 300.

Recently the company launched the Instax Mini 8 Joy Box – the perfect gift pack to meet all your festive needs whether it’s Birthdays, Rakshabandhan, Diwali or even Valentine’s day. This All-in-one Joy Box can be gifted on any occasion. It includes the Mini 8 Camera, Selfie Lens, Twin Film Pack, Photo Marker and a Carry Case to keep things together.

The Instax is a one-of-a-kind product that enables users to create photos that are unique, immediate and remain with them forever.

So go ahead, take your pick and Instaxicate someone today!



Blog Post by – Fujifilm

Please visit Fujifilm at stall # 104 @ Giftex 2016

This year the exhibition will be held from 29th July-1st August 2016, Nehru Centre, Mumbai. To ensure that you catch this year’s corporate gifting season, visit or call us on 022-22075256/57

Raymond – The Complete Man

With a fusion of superiority and suavity, Raymond has been known to be a revered brand, dominant in the world of lifestyle. From the beginning of its existence, Raymond has had a clear vision, futuristically speaking, and consistently invested in the evolution and development of its product and manufacturing technology.

Today, Raymond’s product offerings comprise an entire range. There is a quality product for each strata of society. This consistent quality and all-encompassing range is the result of conscious investment in product development. This is evident in the number of progressive products Raymond has had in the Indian textile industry.

From stylish wardrobe solutions to luxurious home linen, we constantly strived a premium lifestyle range in a plethora of colors, ranges and patters. Known for flawless and fluid fabrics, our suiting fabrics offer a wide range of fabrics made from Poly Wool, 100 % cotton, Poly Cotton and Poly Viscose fabrics. (Range includes from MRP Rs. 600/m. to 2.50 lac/m.)
Shirting Fabrics – Our collection of Shirting fabrics are woven from 100% cotton, Polyester cotton, Polyester Viscose & Linen. For a delightful gift, we offer combination sets that include colour coordinated suiting and shirting fabrics. Our Ready to Wear range include dapper apparels like shirts, trousers, suits, blazers, jackets, sweaters, jeans, t shirts, etc. Ranging from premium brands like Raymond, Park Avenue, Parx and Color Plus.


A modern man prides himself with the elegant accessories he keeps to accompany his ensembles. With a thoughtful array of ties, cuff pins, handkerchiefs, belts, wallets, shoes, socks et al from Raymond, Park Avenue, Parx and ColorPlus.

Our innovative ensembles keep up with an ever-demanding lifestyle, like boiler suites or garments made from technical and fire retardant fabrics, quilted jackets, etc. Choose from an eclectic range of comfortable bed sheets, pillow covers, duvet covers, quilts, blankets, towels, mats etc. Our range of exotic fragrant deodorants, perfumes, travel kit , shaving kit, soap, talcum keeps you refreshed and ready all the time.

We also offer gift vouchers that can be redeemable in any Raymond Shop in more than 200 cities. We also take bulk orders with a complete solution for gifting, uniform and corporate wear requirements.
Do let us know in advance for any of solutions and we’d be happy to help you.


Guest Blogpost by – The Raymond Group

Please visit  Raymond at stall # 40,41 & 42 @ Giftex 2016

This year the exhibition will be held from 29th July-1st August 2016, Nehru Centre, Mumbai. To ensure that you catch this year’s corporate gifting season, visit or call us on 022-22075256/57

Stationery Business at Crossroads

With more and more offices paperless, the stationery business as it was 10 years ago has slowly but surely undergone a slow metamorphous.  As one aspect of the business shuts there is a new fashionable trend that has opened another window for stationery business. Personalized stationery is now is accepted gift that friends give each other on different occasions. It is also found many avenues and in a recent case at a high profile wedding. The entire guest found complimentary name cards in their hotel rooms, which they could use along with their giveaways.

Stationery - Giftex Blog


Its idea’s that will take the stationery business forward and now it’s the time for players of the business to reinvent the business. Find new and innovative ideas that will value add to the gives as well as the receiver.

To reach out the corporate gift market, now it’s the time for the players in this business to participate in Giftex and discover new business opportunities.


This year the exhibition will be held from 29th July-1st August 2016, Nehru Centre, Mumbai. To ensure that you catch this year’s corporate gifting season, visit or call us on 022-22075256/57

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