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Every business has one asset, which makes it reach where it is. And that asset is its people. To maintain a good rapport with your clients and employees is very important as that decided the smooth running of your business. Gifts and gratifications are always welcomes be it an achievement or start of a new journey. Strengthening the client-business relation is like investing in social capital. Showing gratitude by gifting something unique and personalized is a great way to make an impression. Also, it is quintessential in today’s competitive environment to motivate your employees with rewards and gifts. 

Although, not everyone has a huge budget to splurge on personalized luxurious gifts. While on the other hand there are high chances of you spending on a gift that won’t appeal to the client and therefore the connection is lost. To avoid splurging on irrelevant gifts, it is advised to rather invest in basic products as your corporate gifts that will save both your money as well as the association.   

Here are a few top selling basic corporate gifts that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

1.)    Desktop accessories :

Desktop accessories like pen holders, mouse pads, photo frames, table clocks etc these tabletop accessories will always remind them of you and your brand. 

2.)    Silverware:

What more classic and regal can it be to impress your clients other than silverware products? Be it silver coins, jars, a tea set or god idols, silverware has an option for each budget and requirement.  

3.)    Awards and achievements:

Trophies and medals have been the all-time solution to celebrate employee’s success and motivate them for better performance. 

4.)    Stationery:

“I have enough of stationeries,” said nobody ever. Office stationeries have been an important part of corporate gifting from the very beginning and still haven’t lost its relevance. 

5.)    Passport cover:

Passport covers make a very thoughtful corporate gift as it fits in the basic need of holding a passport.  Passport covers are travel must-have and  

6.)    Insulated lunch boxes :

Gifts are also a great way to show that a company cares about its employees. Giving out utilitarian gifts like lunchbox will strengthen the company – employee bond. Along with a sophisticated insulated carrier to carry lunch, this gift will also motivate a healthy habit of bringing homemade food.    

7.)     Mobile and computer accessories:

Mobile, tabs, computer and laptops are crucial gadgets today and accessories that help to maintain and enhance these gadgets makes an excellent gift. For example, a keyboard cleaning brush kit will help employees keep the keyboards in better condition that too without taking any efforts.  

8.)    Alluring socks/ties :

Who else would know the daily struggle of being formals ready other than the company? Socks and ties form an important part of the formal attire and gifting a bunch of attractive comfortable pair of socks or tie can make a nice gift.   

9.)    Coffee Mugs:

What good gift can it make for a coffee lover than a coffee mug? A coffee mug with a motivation quote, unbreakable material and attractive design will enhance their experience and also will help your brand stay on top of their head. 

10.)    Business card holder:

Best corporate gifts are those which enhances professional life. Gifting a stylish and sleek business card holder makes a great gift no matter on which position your receiver is working.

Hope this article helped you understand and plan your presentation of corporate gifts better. Find all of the above and more such corporate gifting solutions at India’s premier corporate gifting show Giftex 2019. 

Food Blog Giftex 2017

Food Court in Corporate Gifting Industry

You might get old but gifting doesn’t. Even after being an age old tradition showing gratitude through gifts hasn’t changed a lot. Except the gifting has moved up to the level where corporate companies gift their employees and clients to thank them for the support. And this gave birth to the corporate gifting industry, which has now become a ₹ 2000 Crore worth business. And as the oldest custom practices gifting food to bring smile on the receiver’s face, the corporate gifting industry too observes food to occupy the major shares.

The food sector itself is vast enough and has various sections that allow the companies to choose the best suitable gift.

Fruits and Dry Fruits – We all have been receiving fruits and dry fruits as gifts on different occasions and festivals. A lot of corporate companies gift their employees and clients fruits or dry fruits to express their gratitude and boost their moral.

Sweets – Sweets are the best tried and tested way to make way to one’s heart. Gifting sweets to employees and clients on Diwali and New Year is a common gesture nowadays to greet and maintain the relations.

Chocolates – Chocolate industries tops the charts in gifting industry for its wide acceptance and easy customization.       It is convenient to emboss the company logo on it or makes chocolates in shape of the respective product that company deals in.

Beverages – Gifting juices and wines is also gearing trend in corporate gifting industry. Although, wine is still considered as a precious gift and is gifted to selective clients.

Bakery products – Easy to preserve and non-perishable, bakery products make an ideal corporate gift. Also, being comparatively less sweet than desserts it is proffered by many on the receiving end.

Snacks – Snacks are again the best options being non-perishable and easy to store. Also, there is a wide array of varieties in snacks to choose from and also can be combined and gifted.


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