Innovation in Corporate Gifting

Here is your guide to most innovative corporate gifts of 2019 and why you need to know them.

Every company wants to give the best suitable present to their clients and employees that will strengthen the relation and convey the brand image. Other than these two primary functions, the gift needs to be such that it creates a positive impression on the receiver. This is why, choosing innovative gifts is very important.

What are innovative gifts?

With a lot of millennials entering the market with start-ups, there is a need of new age corporate gifts. These could be anything from tech gadgets to gadget accessories and gift vouchers. New age has new needs and demands which makes the older ones go out of fashion. This is why one must be aware of the innovative corporate gifting options.

Giftex being the pioneer in Indian corporate gifting industry, it introduces new trends every year. Here is a list of top innovative gifts of 2019. 

Gift voucher: What better gift it could be than letting the receiver choose their own gift. A gift voucher does exactly same whilst conveying the brand message.

Tech accessories: Technology is the need of the hour and to make your gift stay with the receiver for a longer time it is necessary to be relevant. Accessories for computers and mobiles like headphones, wireless earphones, Bluetooth speakers, fitness band and other such gadgets are getting popular in all age groups.

Travel accessories: With the growing nature of globalization travel accessories like trolley bags, duffle bags and back packs are becoming popular gifting items due to its highly utilitarian nature.     

Bath and beauty products: What better gift it could be other than self-grooming products? Also, it shows you care about your female clients and employees and thus creates a good brand image. Luxury bath and body product hampers are popular in both male as well as female clients on higher corporate level.   

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Why visit gifting exhibition?

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5 Reasons To Visit Giftex 2019

Here are top 5 reasons why you should Giftex.

Looking for the best corporate gift that can convey your company image and also fit in your budget? Visit Giftex is India’s premier corporate gifting exhibition. With over 50,000 products, over 150 brands and visitors coming from the various MNC’s and SME’s, Giftex is a major attraction in the field of corporate gifting. In such a case, you are obvious to think of ways to make your visit smooth at Giftex. You can now skip the long queues and opt for a smarter way and get pre-registered.

Here are top five reasons to visit Giftex 2019 :

1.    Trusted brand for the past three decades – Giftex is the most trusted show when it comes to corporate gifting for the past three decades. It has been in the corporate gifting industry since its inception in the Indian market. It has been a torchbearer in introducing new trends and technologies and ensuring steady growth of the Indian corporate gifting industry. Here, you will find quality products and brands with distinctive concepts. 

2.    Carefully curated – Giftex being a pioneer in the gifting industry for the past three decades has been keen on bringing up new and innovative products each year. Every year our team strives hard to bring brands and products that are relative to the market needs and trends.

3.    Customization is the future of marketing – Meeting your manufacturers and distributors directly can help you have an in-depth and transparent conversation and thus will help you get the best-customized product. Also, it improves the scope of customization through a better understanding of the product and techniques.

4.    Over 50,000 products under one roof – Having more than 50,000 products to choose from you get to observe the various varieties available in the market. Moreover, with the latest product launches at the exhibition, you can stay updated to the latest products and technologies in the corporate gifting market.

5.    Ensures convenient and efficient visit – The curated exhibition sections for categories like food, gadgets, home appliances, etc. it offers a wide variety to choose from whilst ensuring an optimal flow of the visitor’s experience. The separate orbits make it easy for visitors to observe and choose the best complementing product.

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Key factors to consider to exhibit at Giftex?

Find the reasons why you should exhibit at #Giftex2019.

Corporate Gifting industry is a rapidly growing industry. In recent years, it has been proved that corporate gifting is a serious business and a crucial part of indirect promotions. Be it a startup or MNC, corporate gifts are an inevitable part of the networking, relation maintenance and employee appreciation process. And Giftex has been a torchbearer in this journey of taking the Indian corporate industry on new heights. It has continued to be the platform to constantly bring new concepts in corporate gifting industry for past three decades. Although, the three decades long experience and goodwill itself speaks of the capabilities of Giftex, here are a few reasons why to exhibit at Giftex

  • Meet quality corporate gifting buyers and potential clients
  • Get yearlong quality trade leads through Giftex App
  • Networking and business expansion opportunities

Being a pioneer in this industry, Giftex has done an intense research on corporate industry trends. Here are some Corporate Gifting Industry Key Takeaways that came across in research:

  • 67% of respondents have a well-defines budget for corporate gifting  
  • 37% of respondents spend an average of INR 500-1000 per unit on Corporate Gifts
  • #1 Pharmacy Sector is the top buyer of Corporate Gifts followed by Banking Finance and Insurance sector, Travel and Hospitality sector & IT Sectors
  • 73%ofrespondents consider innovation & packaging very important while buying Corporate Gifts
  • 68% of sellers list their products on online portals like Amazon and Flipkart, while only 29% of buyers are buying from online venues.
  • 64% of respondents consider quality of participants as the most important factor while considering a Gifting Exhibition

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Tech Savvy Corporate Gifts

Here is your list of 2019’s popular tech savvy corporate gifts.

From letters to emails and computers to tabs, digitalization has changed a lot over a time and this transition can be witnessed in the new age corporate gifting options. Corporate gifting has now a range of high-tech products that too with logo imprinted accessories to make the best branding opportunities. There are devices which are need of the time and then there are devices as luxury devices. You can choose device as your corporate gift that is crucial in today’s time like power bank or USB flash drives. Or you can pamper your tech savvy client with current devices like smart watch. Here is a list of 2019’s top tech savvy products.

  • Power Bank
  • Hard Drives
  • Selfie Stick
  • Flying Drones
  • Fitness Tracker Watches
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Stylus Pen
  • Laser Pointer
  • Flash Drives
  • Headphones
  • Virtual Reality Glasses

Giftex has some of the best Indian and international tech brands with quality products. Electronics has always been important in gifting industry. All you need is to make a right choice by choosing a relevant device and do the right branding.

To get a variety of options ready to be your promo products, Visit Giftex.

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Customized Mugs and Drinkware as Corporate Gifts

Learn the reasons why mugs and drinkware make an ideal corporate gift.

Want to promote your brand differently? Promote your brand with an attractive tea set or a personalized coffee mug. Drinkware provides you with various material options from stainless steel to plastic that will give you cost flexibility. Here are a few more reasons why you should take advantage of this promotional product and make it your corporate gift.

It is a known fact that drinkware has enjoyed a long fan following in the corporate gifting industry. Be it a mug on the office desk, a travel mug on a trip or a tea set at home. You can spot promotional drinkware everywhere. The best part about drinkware is that it is available in various colors, styles and materials. There is no doubt that it provides a great brand reach be it in a car, office, public transport or anywhere else. The fact is that people are drinking tea, coffee, soft drinks, water, something or the other and this makes a great choice to make drinkware your promotional product. There is a wide array of products like travel mugs, sports bottles and other drinkware for the perfect promotional item, all you need to do is find your client’s need. Also, custom mugs and drinkware offer a large area for maximum exposure of your company name and logo, which makes it a favourite in corporate gifting.

One must always keep themselves hydrated on and off the course. And with this, you must make sure your company name and logo should flash on the tumblers, bottles or mugs that you select as corporate gifts to remind your clients of your brand’s refreshing business practices with every sip. One can also utilize the space inside it for promotion by putting flyers/business cards inside the tumbler.

Giftex has a wide range of options from unbreakable tea sets to personalized coffee mugs and from travel mugs to bar sets.

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SAVE THE DATES: 2nd to 5th August 2019, Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai.

High-end Corporate Gifting

Here is your guide to personalized corporate gifts for the esteemed clients

What is high-end corporate gifting? High-end corporate gifting is gifting to your esteemed clients or executives. These are the people with a regal taste and thus hard to impress. It is a huge challenge to find an apt promotional product for high level executives. You need to go through a long list of products to find a high-quality and functional gift that will suit the taste of your elite receiver. The gift has to have the class and style as your executive clients only then they will use it.  You need to choose a gift that they will carry in style at their business meetings or other corporate events or at least the one that will stay in their office for a long period. Giftex offers an array of options in executive gifts from the simple ones to most extravagant ones and from the classic ones to the most recent ones. No matter what product you choose, you will get it personalized with your logo. Here are a few items that can make your high-end corporate gifting interesting.

  1. Silverware Desktop and Utility Products – Silverware products are one of the most elegant gifting options. Along with the value for money and a classic appearance, it is available in all kinds of options from idols to paperweights and photo frames to figurines.
  • Elite Food Hampers – There is seldom anyone who doesn’t love receiving food as gifts. A personalized gourmet food hamper with all the little things that your client likes is ought to be special. Be it a coffee hamper for caffeine addict or a handpicked chocolate hamper for choco lover or a healthy food hamper for health freak. Food hampers will never fail to create a good impression.    
  • Crystal Barware – If you are planning to choose gift for a client who is an alcohol connoisseur, there is no better gift than an attractive crystal barware set. This is one of the classic gifts to swear by as it can never go wrong.  
  • Cruise tickets – Impressing your rich clients is a task and what can be a better way to stay on someone’s mind other than an extravagant experience. Buy a ticket for an evening on an elite cruise and gift it to your high-end client.
  • High-end Watches – Some things never get old. No matter how much we say mobile phones have replaced watches, it can’t be true. The class and value a watch carries is irreplaceable. Gifting your high-end clients an elite branded watch like Rolex or Omega is a great idea and will never fail to impress.

To get a variety of options ready to be your promo products, Visit Giftex.

SAVE THE DATES: 2nd to 5th August 2019, Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai.

The Benefits of Promotional Items – Part 2

Here is a guide to making the most out of promo product’s advantages.

As our previous blog covered, one thing is clear that promotional products are an important part of the marketing mix. We have already discussed who are the people using promotional products and why are they using it. 

How Do Promotional Items Work?

There are various reasons for which promotional products can be used for example to break the ice between clients and company, attract new ones, to strengthen the bond with your existing customers to motivate employees and many more. Promotional products don’t just bear your company’s name and logo but deliver the message that your company wants to put across.  A study states that people receiving promotional products keep the product for a minimum up-to eight months depending on its utilitarian value. This proves that promotional products make a long-lasting impact in comparison with the traditional methods of marketing. At times, promotional products are given forward that increases the reach of your products than what you had aimed for. The lifespan of the promotional product in use depends on the type of product you are choosing and for whom.

Here are some advantages of including promotional products to your marketing mix

1. Increases Brand Visibility

With a good quality utilitarian product, you can be assured that your promotional product will be used for a longer time than any other advertising method. Once the product is out of reach it will still carry the brand recognition with the company logo. In case the product is given forward, it will increase the brand reach making it more effective.

2. Pocket-Friendly

There are variety of options that you can choose to be your promo product depending upon your need and budget. There is a promo product to fit each budget and purpose all you need to do is choose wisely.

3. Longer Life Span

Promotional products stay for a longer span than any other marketing pertaining to its utilitarian purpose. Also, they are re-gifted in some cases. This brings us to the conclusion that promotional products reach a wider audience than any other advertising.

4. Increases Loyalty

Giving away promotional products as corporate gifts speaks about the goodwill of your company and thus strengthens the bond between company and clients. A research data shows that 52% of people given a promotional item ended up doing business with that company.

5. Multipurpose

Versatility is a major plus point of promotional products. Promotional products give freedom to explore creative ways to promote your brand through promotional products. From packaging to customization it gives an array of options to place your branding.

To get a variety of options ready to be your promo products, Visit Giftex.

SAVE THE DATES: 2nd to 5th August 2019, Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai.

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How Should A Corporate Gift Look?

Learn why presentation of gift plays an important role in corporate gifting.

No matter your gift is small or big, common or premium, utilitarian or luxury possession, the way you present a gift to the receiver makes a huge difference. A research shows that the receivers are happier to receive neatly presented gifts than the poorly packaged one. Not to forget many people are    obsessed with properly wrapped gifts and get upset on not receiving a gift properly wrapped irrespective of how premium is the gift. This shows that the right type of presentation can change the entire perspective of receiver towards the gift sent by you.

A neatly wrapped gift not only looks great to present but also serves the main purpose of sending out corporate gifts, which is to strengthen relation. Now what kind of presentation is ideal presentation? The presentation of the gift depends on the product given out as gift as well as recipient’s choice, status and interest. The gift you send out to your employees, clients or prospect clients carry your company’s name, brand image and reputation. While festive-themed presentation makes a nice way to cheer-up the festive mood, not to forget being a corporate gift it should not be jazzy and look decent.

There are various options available for packaging corporate gifts in an attractive manner. Here are some of the options one can opt for corporate gift presentation.

  • Wrap papers with branding  

Wrap papers are possibly the most convenient and commonly used gift wrapping option. Strengthening the bond between company and clients/employees being the main purpose of corporate gifts, it is important to put brand name, logo or signature on the wrapping.   

  • Gift Baskets

With the growing trend of hampers in corporate gifting, the demand for baskets is increasing. Each hamper is uniquely crafted to suite the personality of the receiver and carries a theme with it. There various designs in baskets crafted from different material jute, wood, leather, tin, hardboard and more. Depending on the products the material of the basket is selected to complement the corporate gifts.

  • Boxes with branding

The world of gifting is incomplete without boxes. Boxes those are available in all kinds of shapes, sizes, designs and materials. Some of the most commonly used boxes are corrugated box, rigid box and folding carton. Pertaining to the current environmental scenario there are eco-friendly boxes available to   ensure a good brand image.   

  • Bags with  branding

Bags make an ideal option to give light-weighted gifts. There are different types of bags available in materials like paper, hard paper, fabric, etc. Bags also make a convenient packaging option as it gives ease of carrying and is pocket-friendly. To complement the luxury gifts there are elite bags made of elite material.

Hope this article helped you understand and plan your presentation of corporate gifts better. Find all of the above and more such corporate gifting solutions at India’s premier corporate gifting show Giftex 2019.

Convenient Corporate Gifts 2019

Know the top convenient products that will make a safe choice as corporate gifts.

Organizations send a corporate gift to their clients and employees as a gesture of appreciation and thankfulness. It is to strengthen the bond with the clients and surprise employees with a reward for their hard work. Today the corporate gifting market has spread across widely, from a pen to i-pad anything and everything can be gifted as a corporate gift depending on your budget and brand. There is a lot of research behind finding out the receiver’s likes and dislikes.
Although, there are a few products that fit for all and make the gifting process easier. Here is a list of such products, which are convenient and are effortlessly impressive.
1.) Fitness Tracker: Fitness tracker is the new ‘it product’ and is available with various options that make it a must-have product. From a simple waistband calculating footsteps, calories and distance to the hi-tech ones that track heart rates and sleep recommends workout, displays cell phone notification and more. These fitness trackers are available in different price options available depending on the features and thus make a convenient corporate gifting option to consider.
2.) Home Appliances: Home appliances are products used for daily chores. These include kitchenware, kitchen accessories, home décor, furniture, appliances, etc. Such products are used daily and so brand recognition is higher. Gifting home appliances as corporate gifts is definitely a good idea.
3.) Power Banks: Phone covers, USB chords, headphones & earphones, portable speakers, all these accessories have become as important as owning a cell phone. Although, power bank is tops the list of must-have product. Gifting a power bank is both a convenient option as well as easy to customize.
4.) Pen Drives: Pen drives are one of the most important office/ computer accessories in today’s world. Pen drives are available in various sizes and designs. The easy customization makes is a perfect option for corporate gifting.
5.) Health Bars: Corporate gifts are given to show gratitude and strengthen relations with clients/ employees. What better gift can it be other than a healthy product? Health bars are nutritious bars available in various delicious flavors that make it a healthy and tasty choice. Also, it sends a good company image to the receiver.
These are the top five convenient corporate gifting products of 2019 and help you build a strong relationship with your employees and clients.