A mouth-watering gifting idea

Corporate gifting, a detailed note on the Monginis site elaborates, is a long-term investment in professional and personal relationships that hold the key for future. There are several articles to strike a chord for any organization, such as food consumables as gifts. As the popular saying goes, “the way to man’s heart is through the stomach…” Read More

Why and how to build your brand identity through corporate Gifting

It is crucial that your brand represents and projects the image you want your audience to remember. For instance, does your brand stand for trust? Or it signifies traditional and cultural values? Customers tend to make clear associations with existing brand image and relate it to all the relevant communications. Hence your corporate gifting strategy must stand for what your audience perceives of your company or brand. Read More

Spread cheer with bright gift ideas

Despite gifting assuming an important place in the customer relations management plans of many multi-national companies, a few Indian companies are still hesitant and unsure. Yet the optimism about the corporate gifts business is born out of two developments. One, the growth in the pharmaceutical industry – which is the single largest consumer of corporate gifts; and secondly growth of retail chains leading to increasing customer focus. Continue reading

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