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Choose from the range of finest gourmet hampers with Gourmet Company.

About Us

Founded in 2011, Gourmet Company is a one-stop online destination for a wide range of gourmet gift hampers .We carry a variety of different gift hampers for every occasion. Each of the products you find in our hampers, are selected & hand-picked by our team from recognized international brands as well as Indian manufacturers.

Gourmet Company

We are an Online Gourmet Gifting Company. We make Exclusive and Designer Gift Hampers with Exquisite products.

We have wide varieties of hampers for every occasions & Festivals.

Gourmet Company is the perfect choice for any Occasion, Birthdays,

Wedding, Anniversaries, Housewarming, and Corporate Gifting. We make customized hampers according to your choice.

Thinking about Gifting Think about Gourmet Company!

Some of Our Bestselling Hampers Are:

1. Chocolate Lovers Crate

2. Gourmet Surprise

3. Fit & Healthy Hamper

4. Coffee Hamper

Find the finest customized gourmet hampers to giveaway as your corporate gifts. Visit us at Giftex, 2nd to 5th August, Nehru Centre, Mumbai. You can now pre-registered for Giftex 2018 and get your free VIP pass at





Gourmet Hampers As Corporate Gift

Let the name and essence of your Brand be on the tip of your client’s tongue . 

Gifts are the best possible way to express appreciation towards your clients or employees. People always love receiving gifts. Moreover giving away corporate gifts has two benefits, one it creates an emotional connect with the receiver and two it reminds of your brand every time it is used. Although, there is always a pressure of choosing the right gift that the receiver will be happy to use, otherwise it just ends up landing in a store room or trash.

In a corporate world, it is always good to be at the giving end than the receiving one. But that also brings a great responsibility of choosing the right gift. Be choosy and wise at the same time is what we would suggest. You don’t really need to have a big budget to have a good corporate gift. The gift you choose is going to be the emotional connect between the receiver and your company as well as it should carry the right face of your brand at the same time. Making it utilitarian can help you get the wider reach as it gets noticed by more and more number of people.

Food and gourmet products as corporate gifts are widely appreciated. It is one of the oldest traditions in gifting as well as comes in a wide variety of options. Be it sweets, confectioneries or dryfruits these gifts never go out of fashion. Where as on the other hand, taking in account the changing lifestyle and likings of people products like health conscious food products, niche flavored breweries, handpicked cocoa chocolates and unique assemblage of hampers present a new face of changing gifting traditions. This brings us to help you take through the seven of the most interesting gifting options in gourmet category.

Here are the top 7 corporate gifting food products that you can gift your clients and employees.

  • Chocolates – Chocolates have always been the answer to majority of the gifting questions. The easy application of logo placement and its age old connection with being a symbol of presenting gratitude makes it a perfect corporate gift. Also, the different shapes, sizes, flavors add to its options.


  • Dryfruits – Dryfruits have been given out as gifts since a long time. It is a symbol of a rich and healthy lifestyle. It makes an ideal corporate gift as it carries traditional approach and also is available in alluring packaging.


  • Confectioneries – Confectioneries have been lately incorporated in the list of traditional gifts. Its customized approach and delectable taste makes it an ideal corporate gift.


  • Tea – India is one the countries which has the highest consumption of tea. A lot of people start their day with a cup of tea and this makes tea an excellent product to remind your clients or employees of your brand. The various infused flavors and health benefits add to its qualities as a good corporate gift.


  • Sweets – Some things never go out of fashion. Sweets are one such category that always brings happiness to the receiver. The age old tradition and the wide variety of options make it a royal delight to give as a corporate gift.


  • Food Hampers – Recently food hampers has become a huge trend in gifting industry. Its presentable packaging, different products assembled in one basket and the royal look makes it an ideal corporate gift.


  • Natural & Organics Products – A lot of people are becoming health conscious and the others are aspiring to become one. Food products made from natural and organic material makes it healthy and valuable gift to be gifted. Also, it helps you send good company values to your corporate clients and employees.


Know more such latest trends and get answers to all your corporate gifting queries at India’s premier corporate gifting exhibition Giftex.  Giftex is now in 31st year and that adds to its reliability.

Ahura Support Group at Giftex 2016

Ahura Support a registered non- profit organization. It was an endeavour started by like minded families of mentally and developmentally challenged children and adults.

We would like to throw light on Ahura Support & its special efforts for the benefit of families with persons who are mentally and developmentally challenged. While the challenge of early intervention education and training has been met by many institutions in the city, very little has been done for adults who are differently abled. These individuals face problems like exclusion, isolation and the possibility of having no one to look after them when their parents age or are no more there to care for them. Ahura Support has decided to embrace this challenge to try and create a home for these members of society within the ever embracing city of Mumbai.

We started off at a small club house at Rustom Baug, Byculla one Sunday a month. Here one Sunday a month we would organise lectures, counselling and therapy sessions by experts in various fields, Professional Therapists and doctors for parents with differently abled members in their family. While the children and adults were kept engaged games and other recreational activities organised for them. In addition to being fun, these activities in some way improved the participants, cognitive, social, motor skills. These activities were organized to help parents not only understand the disorders better but also create a support group or support system for both parent & child.



We saw our first step and initiative come alive before our eyes with the start of our Day Care Centre at Gamdevi Road. We cater to adults & adolescents. Parents send their children to the center 5 days a week where they are kept organized in multiple activities. Our work is predominantly vocational based. We produce multiple items that are made by these adults to be sold. Some of our products include, Assorted Candles, Household Products and Decorations, Envelopes, Items with Block Print, including Trays, Coasters & Gift/Jewellery Boxes. Based on the type and amount of work done, each attendee is given a minimal stipend at the end of every month. The idea of receiving a cheque is motivational and therapeutic for these individuals in the most unimaginable way. It gives them an overall feeling of self-worth and achievement. This eventually gives them a sense of inclusion into the society at large.

We are currently in the process of setting up a residential facility for these individuals. We aim to provide them a home when they have no home to call their own. For more information & donations contact us at:

Ahura Support Day Care Center

Eerani House Dharamshala

26, Pundita Ramabai Marg


Mumbai 400 007

Phone: 022-23800317

Thank you


Blog Post by – Ahura Support Group

Please visit Ahura Support Group at stall # 95 @ Giftex 2016

This year the exhibition will be held from 29th July-1st August 2016, Nehru Centre, Mumbai. To ensure that you catch this year’s corporate gifting season, visit or call us on 022-22075256/57

Unique and innovative product range to gift

A well-known name in the domain of quality utility products of great value for modern Indian housewives, Prime Housewares, started its manufacturing activities more than two decades ago. Since then it has steadily progressed and has also got into imports high end superior quality products from across the world. It also launched its Flagship Retail Store at CR2 Mall in Nariman Point, South Mumbai. Read More