Exclusive skin treatment packages as a gift

Constantly striving balancing work life and home, her own needs and that of her family’s, modern mothers often are left with little or no time for themselves. In fact, they just forget to look after themselves, and this inadvertently shows on their face. So apart from gifting her expensive gadgets, designer wear and precious diamonds on this Mother’s Day, you might well pamper her with a luxuriating and exclusive skin treatment package, to bring back the missing glow on her face. Read More

High quality gifting products from Om Creators

With a fine blend of human skills and precision of machines, Om Creators manufactures a wide range of matty, nylon and rexine products. Its fashionable and fascinating collection of gift products exhibits latest trends and is widely appreciated by valued clients worldwide. An exotic range of bags, purses, wallets, pouches, etc. features lovely designs and beautiful patterns. They are easy to carry, spacious, stylish and easy to maintain. Read More

Asmi’s dazzling diamond jewellery

Asmi jewellery is a popular brand name that caters to today’s corporate woman of spirit and substance. This is a glittering gift that can satisfy her in terms of recognition. It continuously evolves so as to suite her attitude, personality and style. It carries a contemporary albeit feminine and delicate look, which is evocative of her strength as well as grace. In essence, Asmi is for the woman of spirit. Read More