Stylish spectacle accessories make a great gift

From stylish accessories to a perfect case, we present tips that are certain to please a spectacle wearer, for having a good gift. Whether it is for a formal event or a family gathering, when you want to give something highly functional as a gift, there is a wide choice of quality accessories to pick from.

Here are some handy tips courtesy ‘Better Vision’, which sure will bring a smile on any spectacle wearer’s face.

A good case is one of the basic items every spectacle wearer needs. How would you relish a customized case that meets your taste and choices? An imprint or engraving with a nice dedication or even the initials of the recipient can well turn a spectacle case from an everyday object to the perfect personalized offering.

There is a great choice of colors, shapes, sizes and materials so you can easily find a perfect case – from lightweight ones made of felt, leather, cotton or silk, to durable and extra strong of precious wood or metal.

There are cases with special retaining clips for attaching to clothing or special self-adhesive spectacle cases that are perfect for keeping in the car, with an adhesive strip to attach at any position and open with a push of a button.

Whatever style that you choose, ensure the inside of the case is sufficiently cushioned on both sides; this will absorb impacts and provide optimum protection for the spectacles. You might consider a special case for sports glasses that has additional space for keeping accessories in or, if needed, a waterproof case. Last but not the least, take precise measurement, especially for frames that are a touch larger when folded.

Visual aids for a better view like a sun protection clip for rapid attachment, reading magnifiers and lights are a good choice. There are different types of attractive fashionable extras special spectacle chains in a wide array of styles and designs.When it comes to sun protection, there are plenty of gift options for spectacle wearers – whatever the season. Prescription sunglasses provide comfortable vision and added safety, when driving, as do tinted sun protection clips for attaching to a pair of spectacles.

Another excellent gift for spectacle wearers who frequently travel is a special telescope, letting them enjoy their journey and sightseeing. They are easy to use, as telescopes for spectacle wearers can be adjusted precisely to the owner’s vision and can also be used with or without spectacles on.

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