Stylish and contemporary jewelry for every occasion

Gitanjali Group is known for stylish and contemporary designs created by an expert team of designers. Keeping the needs and demands of their eclectic corporate clients, they focus on customized, branded and highly individualized products that are truly unique as well a cost-effective.

The GILI jewelry brand was launched in 1994, essentially shifting the paradigm ‘from occasional need to ‘a need for every occasion’. D’damas’ includes a vast variety of diamond-studded gold jewelry to reflect true personality, lifestyle, and tastes of today’s woman, whereas Sangini is an expression of love and affection expressed by an admirer for his beloved, reaffirming the unique bond shared by them.

The Asmi brand aims to fulfill every woman’s innate need for self expression while lauding her inner fire. It caters to the woman of substance & satisfies her need for reward & recognition, evolving continuously to suit her style & personality. The fine jewelry range has a contemporary delicate and feminine look that is distinctly evocative of strength and grace. In a nutshell, Asmi symbolizes the modern woman’s spirit.

Besides changing the face of manufacture, broke the mould of traditional jewelry marketing by launching multiple brands for multiple markets and price segments. The group opened up distribution via superstores, department stores and other retail outlets, supported by international certifications of scientifically tested purity and authenticity, across India and in the world’s jewellery capitals. Even markets branded jewellery directly by mail order catalog.

Gitanjali Group offers jewelry in diverse styles: traditional, international classic, and casual – for consumers of all age groups, tastes and budgets. With a growing hamper of brands, many of them already having attained global reach, it looks to access targeted audience base and specific market segments.

Its comprehensive business model now integrates all operations, from rough diamond sourcing, cutting, polishing and distribution, and jewelry manufacture, to branding and retail, as well as global lifestyle brands, in India and abroad. Importantly, it brought diamonds within reach of a wide consumer base. The first to offer diamond studded jewelry at affordable prices, of standardized designs, quality and pricing across locations – progressively precision-producing replicable designs using the latest processes and equipment.

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