Stationery set makes a functional, stylish gift

Unique and even ubiquitous stationery sets can make a nice gift to give simply because they are useful, highly functional and on top of that, they are not too expensive. They usually come with nice corresponding envelopes and other assortments for official or personal interaction such as sealing wax, stickers and pens or coloring markers. Here are some pertinent things to consider before you decide to give a stationery set:

• What is the style quotient of the person? For instance, is your gift recipient a female and will prefer more feminine styles? Or is it for someone who wants everything sleek and contemporary? Some people might be hesitant to use stationery that does not fit their personality so it is important to select stationary set that is appropriate for the recipient.

• Also, think of your budget. You could probably find expensive paper lined with gold leaf and costly golden-embossed or encrusted pens, but really, in the end, it’s just pens and paper.

• Paper quality is also an important factor. Most stationery sets will probably have good quality paper. However, you want to ensure that it does not comprise flimsy or very thin paper, which can be difficult to write on and looks cheap.

Finally, a nice touch could be added with personalized and monogrammed stationery. Have the recipient’s name or initials printed in fancy fonts on top of each sheet of paper or on pre-printed envelopes, making it a very personal and unique gift. Monogramming can add a classy touch to even a commonplace item. A thoughtfully selected stationery set can be a pleasure to receive.

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