SSC students must thank their teacher

Owing to the haste and hassle of college admission, you might have missed meeting and wishing your schoolteacher in the last couple of weeks. But there is no need to feel that you have missed out an opportunity to do because Guru Purnima is just round the corner. Especially successful SSC students must take this chance to thank their teacher because of whom they have tasted success in the board exams.

Guru Purnima is a wondeful event, when everyone irrespective of one’s age, profession and status pay respect to one’s teacher, Guru, guide or mentor. Well, we are referring to the festival of Guru Purnima. During our formative years, contribution of the teacher is so very vital in our growth and development. Children bloom with love, care, guidance and, of course, a dedicated teacher! These ideas will make finding a Guru Purnima gift easily:

Pen & case set: You can present your favorite teacher, principal or mentor with a pretty pen and case set. It’s an essential tool they will require each day. This gift combines practicality with creative design, and hence is perfect!

A chaise lounge: A nice chaise lounge would just be perfect for your teacher’s home with or even without backyard.

Academic glass nameplate: This will be ideal for your much revered teacher who holds a special place in your heart. You can go for a solid-glass nameplate that will make a lasting impression. Ensure that it is meticulously and correctly engraved with your teacher’s name and, if possible, along with a personalized message.

A rocking chair: You could select a special rocking chair for your Guru.

Personalized clipboard: You can get a handy clipboard that holds the papers or homework assignments to be graded in one convenient location.

You may consider gifting a nice book or a bookcase, some interesting CDs containing classical music or renditions by renowned vocals, which will certainly please your teacher. Don’t miss this opportunity to thank your wonderful teacher who devoted his precious time to enrich and broaden your mind.

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