Spread fragrance of happy memories with exotic Nyassa gifts

Nyassa is an exotic brand that offers a wide variety of fabulous products in attractive packaging that makes them very alluring and perfect for gifting. Nyassa’s expertise lies in evoking feelings through fragrances. Fond childhood memories – lying down on the pristine beach, as stroll under the starry skies, and many such memorable moments! You don’t need a reason to make someone happy. So just go for it and spread happiness the Nyassa way.

The brand has its origin in a Sanskrit word that means healing through touch by chanting tantras and mantras. The result. A divine body. But Nyassa is also a dream, our dream, born out of our passion for making natural bath and body products.

Ishween Anand, the visionary behind Nyassa, left her cushy finance job in New York to pursue her passion for fragrances in India. She first started selling luxurious bath and body products on weekends at the Atria Mall in Mumbai in April 2007. Her vision was to create a beautiful product that was mild on the skin and left a wonderful lingering fragrance.

It is with this philosophy that Nyassa embarked upon creating aesthetic products in rich textures and sensuous aromas. But for your skin to maintain its youthful vitality, the product also has to work harmoniously with it. And that’s why we only use the finest ingredients, keeping them wholesome, pure and natural to the extent possible. Our processes have been learnt from many experts from around the world. The final product is a work of art. Tantalizingly fragrant. Gloriously beautiful. And gentle on the skin.

Apart from standard gift packaging, Nyassa also offers special gift packaging for special events and festivals (such as Diwali, Christmas etc.). Customer can choose from a wide variety of gifts as well as get gifts customized as per their budget and product and fragrance requirements. Nyassa’s beautifully wrapped gifts in various price ranges should cover almost everyone on your list.


13/104, Anand Nagar,
Near Vakola police Station, Santacruz (E),
Mumbai 400 055
Phone: +91-22-26681105
To customize your gift contact at +91-022-26681105

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