Consumers turn eco-chic, spotlight turns on jute


The new trend is to be eco-chic. Green is in as people get more environmentally friendly and aware. Concern about adverse climate changes, rising energy costs and environmental degradation are among the main factors that are driving consumers towards clothes, fashion and other products made from environmentally sustainable materials.

Green is at a substantial crossroads, observe marketing experts who survey consumers’ shopping habits. The eco-friendly virtue of a product is a big incentive for consumers to buy it for its green connection. No surprise, more customers now like the idea of lifestyle products and accessories made from environmentally sustainable jute.

Jute is natural fibre and cheapest of all, and among the most environmentally friendly natural fibres owing to inherent unique properties. It scores over man-made fibre products on many counts like:

• Dimensional Stability: It extends merely 0.5% under stress to stable form.
• Capacity to Grip: Owing to its hairy strands of fabric that grips to any surface it cuts down risk of slippage.
• Physical Stability: It is stable up to ignition point at 193 Degree Celsius.
• Reparability, reusability, and biodegradability make it environmentally friendly. Burning emits same fumes as burning wood that have no adverse effects.

If you are really intent on being eco-chic, remember the ‘four Rs.’
• Reuse what you already have;
• Reclaim items to create something novel out of an existing item;
• Recycle to ensure an item is passed on to someone else, or has multiple uses.
• Revert to Jute.

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