Sports memorabilia for gifting

There are many cricket or football fans around who are crazy about sports memorabilia. You may be aware of friends or colleagues who are keen to grab their favorite soccer, basketball or cricket team’s jersey.

They are not averse to spending to buy them up. Needless to say, that the caps, jerseys or trousers that symbolize their connection with say Manchester United or Mumbai Indians is a prized possession for them.

Sales of the host of merchandise related to the various Indian Premier League teams picked up. As IPL fever gripped the country, the merchandise of the IPL teams’ specially targeted at their loyal fans was vigorously marketed. In the UK or the US, the average share of items like monogrammed T-shirts can be very high.

The point to be made: Merchandise is an integral part of soccer or basketball team’s fan base and economic structure. Fans are always keen to buy say a monogrammed David Beckham T-shirt, which is a hot property. IPL merchandise sales were lower though. “It’s a new concept in India and will take time to catch on,” Rajiv Mehta, managing director of Puma was quoted as saying in a Business Standard article.

In fact, according to him, the response this year has been better than expected. Linked to the novelty of this concept is the fact that popular team jerseys – like the highest selling item for any team globally – are priced high for the average cricket fan in India. For example, a KKR jersey cost close to Rs 800 at a Reebok outlet. Similarly, an Adidas’ Delhi Daredevils polo t-shirt costs Rs 1499. A Rajasthan Royals jersey is available for Rs 699 at Puma.

You sure can consider sports memorabilia for gifting. Spot the person’s team or player before you gift one.

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