Sparkle of our Diwali and China’s Lantern Festival

There are so many similarities between a popular festival in India, Diwali, and the Lantern Festival in China.The way sparkle and glitter of Diwali fascinates us all, there is light and joy all around in China on eve of the Lantern Festival. It’s akin to our magnificent festival of lights. Homes are lit up brightly. The skyline is resplendent with the magnificent spectacle of the fireworks.

The Lantern Festival in China, which falls on the fifteenth or last day of Chinese New Year celebrations, is a much-awaited occasion for families to come together and share their joy. As in Diwali, it’s all fun and enjoyment, more so for children in that country. As a tradition, they make lovely lanterns of paper. These are illuminated and it’s a spectacle to witness as these lanterns march up in the sky under the full moon. Often competitions are held and those who come up with innovative and beautiful lanterns receive special prizes. Sometimes a theme is designated by the village or city for participants.

The spirit of any festival is all about reaching out, bonding and spreading the light of goodwill, cheer and happiness, breaking all community barriers. Such festivals bring to the fore a wonderful and warm feeling of community spirit. The festive occasions not only light up the atmosphere but light up hearts too. People invariably give lovely gifts to each other to celebrate the spirit of the festive occasion.

Considering how multi-cultural India is, make it a point to gift on a special day of your own religion or culture. Celebrating the most important festival of the particular region your office or branch is based does matters. Katha-stitch bags for the Bengali New Year, or a dabba of dhansak for the Parsi New Year is a good idea. Hype around Christmas and New Year is strong enough to make them tough to ignore. Rum cakes, Santa hats, bells for the entrance door, etc, are small ways of bringing in the festive spirit.

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