Madhya Pradesh has been central to the destiny of India. Located at the heart of India , the state has been a veritable melting pot of cultures and traditions for innumerable centuries. Madhya Pradesh has been the teeming repository of inspired and mystical craftsmanship.

Many of these art forms and their fabulous practitioners have been threatened by the rise of modern technology. It is to save, nurture and propagate this unique heritage that the Madhya Pradesh Hastshilp Vikas Nigam (Handicrafts Development Corp.) Ltd has been working tirelessly over the years . It aims to provide craftsmen of MP with the tools with which they can continue to practice with profit and dignity which has been vouchsafed to them by bygone generations.

The Nigam has established several Craft Development Centres and common facility centres right across Madhya Pradesh. It has initiated meticulous surveys and documentation of the various kinds of handicrafts being practiced in the state. To expand its reach the Nigam has launched its website

Mrignayanee – a unit of Madhya Pradesh Hastshilp Evam Hathkargha Vikas Nigam Ltd, has been at the centre of all the Nigam’s endeavours. With its countrywide network, Mrignayanee has facilitated the wonderful creations of the master craftsmen with efficient and profitable means of showcasing and marketing their products. The story of Mrignayanee is as diverse and fascinating as the art and creations of the state of Madhya Pradesh itself.

Bamboo & Cane occupy an important place in rural life: utility articles such as agricultural implements, fishing traps, hunting tools and baskets are all made of bamboo. In Madhya Pradesh these are generally made by a community called ‘Basor’ or ‘Basod’, who sell them in the weekly markets.

The floor coverings of Madhya Pradesh consist mainly of durries and carpets in a rich variety of designs. A durrie, essentially a thick cotton woven fabric, is meant for spreading on the floor, and is made all over Madhya Pradesh, especially near Sironj.

Cute little dolls made out of small cloth pieces are produced in Gwalior, Bhopal and Jhabua. The work of Battobai, a craftswoman from Gwalior has achieved international fame. The dolls made here are interesting pieces of work, influenced by different cultures and traditions of India mirroring the diversity and uniqueness of the country.

(Information courtesy: MP Tourism)

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