Sniff it the Right Way on Fragrance Day

March 21 celebrates all the wonderful fragrances in the world. We often underestimate our olfactory nerves. Did you know that these nerves help us taste our food? Skeptical? Eat and drink while pinching your nose shut. The food will fail to stimulate your taste buds.

Smell plays a significant part in our memories as well. Certain smells will always remind you of certain incidents, and it is not as simple as the smell of bhajiyas frying making your mouth water. From musk to fruity to floral to woody and spicy – it is all about the play of the ‘upper notes’ with the ‘lower notes’… much like tasting wine. Here are some tips for office perfume etiquette that helps you make the right impression.

Choose Wisely : The only way to select a perfume that works well with you is to select it yourself. These days the fashion is to spray perfume onto strips of paper, wave them about and sniff delicately in between coffee bean shots. This does not help. Dab the perfume onto your wrists and wait for a few seconds. Just as wine takes time to come into its own and bloom into its true nature on your tongue, so does perfume take time to blossom on your skin. A perfume smells quite different a few minutes after it has been sprayed and its reaction with your skin also determines how long it will last. So ditch the paper strips and spray onto your skin directly; never mind the snooty sales assistant’s expression of distaste.
Perfume or Deo?
Fine you hate the thought of picking up those cheap deos that come in plastic bottles with spray buttons that need to be jabbed extra hard for them to work. Yet the expensive perfumes that you pick up fade away in four hours, max. That’s because they’re supposed to – they’re perfumes, not deodorants that are meant to last the whole day through. But look at the labels carefully – ‘eu de cologne’ is what you must avoid, ‘eu de deodorant’ is what you should go for, and there are plenty of brands offering your favorite smells in the deodorant format that will last you the whole day. Davidoff’s Cool Water is only one of the options.
Never, but Never Let Your Perfume Overpower You
Each perfume is different; some are mild and delicate, others like to dominate the air around them. It is never good to smell as if you have bathed in your perfume; Cleopatra had her reasons, but those are not for this day and age. You may smell pretty, but nobody wants to soak in floral or woody or musky fumes from your desk. Besides, studies have proven that your natural scent can work more wonders for you than anything from an assembly line. So always go for a subtle fragrance.
Wear it Right : Where you dab your perfume is as telling on you as the scent you choose. Never spray it on your clothing; besides leaving unsightly marks behind, it is just simply not done. Hold the bottle at a suitable distance and spray onto your wrists; contrary to popular perception perpetuated by the movies, you do not rub your wrists together – that destroys the top notes. Rub your finger on the bottle nozzle and apply the perfume behind your earlobes. Spray some on to your neck and cleavage and you’re all set. For added drama, you could spray the air and walk through it to ‘absorb’ the perfume – it ensures that you are almost literally enveloped in your perfume!
So go ahead and floor everybody with your perfumed aura that is certain to make your presence felt the right way.

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