Sky is the limit for gifting: eclipse observation packages


Travel firms are wooing sky watchers on eve of the 21st century’s longest solar eclipse. It takes place on July 22. You can opt to watch it with your friends and family from a Boeing above the clouds in Gaya. You may grasp more about the natural phenomenon from experts on the Benares ghats or may even fly to China, attend a workshop and get down to business in Anqing.

Cox & Kings has on offer a special tour package to watch the spectacular event from up close. You can take up a window seat based on your budget on a Boeing 737-700 to watch the solar eclipse. The package costs between Rs 29,000 and Rs 79,000. Cox & Kings has tried this idea for the first time.

The eclipse journey will last for about three hours. The flight will take off from Delhi and hold over Gaya during the eclipse period. The aircraft at a height of 41,000 feet will be intercepting the middle of the eclipse shadow for an unforgettable experience you can gift your family. Those taking the right side seats will get to watch the ‘sun side’, whereas those on the left can witness the shadow on the earth.

Vibgyor Travels is offering a package to inbound tourists for an eclipse holiday to the holy city of Benares. A 9 nights-10 days package comprises eclipse observation with help of experts from the river Ganges. Guides will assist visitors to understand the eclipse better.

If one wishes to enjoy a glimpse from abroad, Space Technology & Education is hosting an ‘eclipse trip’ to the Chinese city of Anqing. According to Amit Verma, several photographic experiments have been outlined on this trip to the eclipse site.

The China tour includes a ride on the Maglev train at a speed of 431 kmph. It comprises visits to Beijing, Shanghai and, of course, the Great Wall. A multimedia enabled workshop will be held for tourists.

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