Shiny ideas for personal and corporate gifting

Silver signifies faith and purity as a color, and is as glamorous as gold, so go for a silver bag. For men, stick to watches, silver coins or a silver household object. Silver goes best with diamonds and pearls when it comes to jewellery.

For anything else, pure carved silver makes great ornamental jewellery boxes, showpieces, masala boxes and thaalis for special occasions. While silver watches, belts and jewellery are good for senior partners and for cinching potential deals, silver utensils are preferable for traditional of festive occasions.

TBZ – The Original has a dedicated division that well caters to the gifting needs of the corporate sector. The division offers various precious metal gift choices. It ensures guaranteed purity in not only gold, but also silver and diamond.

The creations exclusively made for corporate gifting are an outcome of excellent craftsmanship backed by products and services at your doorstep thanks to their nationwide logistics (packing and delivery), comprising 100% coverage of transit risk.

You can opt for TBZ creations to honor Employee milestones (like long service awards), to mark Cultural festivities, to provide sales incentives and dealer appreciation, to give retirement keepsakes, to celebrate product launches, to encourage FMCG sales promotions, to offer customer Loyalty incentives, to present mementos to business associates / delegates during conferences / seminars. Know about TBZ original here

If you are on a constrained budget, consider silver jewelry. It was long considered gold’s poor cousin but that image has undergone a change! Silver thalis are now a must-have at ceremonies. Cute silver boxes are there for holding mouth fresheners and silver coins are now commonly presented in embroidered bags. One definitely is spoiled for choice!

You may buy a silver or silver-plated desk clock. These days one does get footwear with silver heels and heavy silver watches with diamantes in the dial.

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