Selecting the perfect gift for your man

In the last blog, we discussed how women find it difficult to pick gifts for men. But then there are women who tend to take an easy way out — either by gifting cards, cash or a gift voucher. The men can utilize the gift voucher or cash to buy whatever they want.

A media professional mentions in the DNA article by doing this she ensures that none of her gifts is turned down. According to her, she either gives vouchers or takes her friend to shopping along with her. So there is no problem when it comes to understanding the persons’ likes or dislikes in terms of style, size, colors, etc. Many women opt for branded gadgets or electronics. But here again personal likes and dislikes cone into play.

Thankfully, many gifting stores and experts help you select the perfect gift. The owner of Nuggets, Anju Poddar, is willing to offer advice for buying gifts for men. Nuggets is an elaborate gifting store. The professional understands that shopping for gifts for men is often a problem since there are fewer options available. One of the safest options is a bottle of whisky or wine.

Ironically, the gifting expert herself faces a problem while selecting a gift for her husband. So what then is the perfect gift for your man, going beyond usual belts, bags, wallets, clothes and cufflinks? One way out is buying something useful. Accessories can be a safe option if you are not sure about his choice.

A partner at Gifted Lifestyles, Kanchan Khubchandani, suggests grooming products. They are a big hit, in the backdrop of the metrosexual mania. Some women simply follow their instinct, and buy what their heart tells them is right for their man, and that does the trick for them!

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