Seek inspiration from Rani Mukerji, ‘gift’ a healthy way of life


If you are wondering how Bollywood starlet Rani Mukerji managed to shed all those extra kilos and unwanted flab before facing the camera for her latest film ‘Dil Bole Hadippa’, the answer is regular yoga practice.

Apart from following a meticulously planned weight training module, she attended yoga sessions, which appear to have done the trick. It took the actress, according to industry sources, almost close to a year to do away with those extra 10 kg, which made her body look a little inflated in front of the camera.

Determined to lost weight in a systematic and natural way, Rani Mukerji approached a team of yoga and fitness experts to get herself a slimmer look. She had hired yoga teacher Payal Gidwani and fitness instructor Satyajit Churasia for ensuring a new slim, trim look.

Satyajit Chaurasia incidentally is the celebrity trainer, the brain behind Aamir Khan’s starting six-pack figure in super hit flick Ghajini. He was quoted as saying, ” It was in April (2008) that Rani (Mukerji) decided to tone up and lose the flab though she has been working out for a long time (with me).”

The duo chalked out a meticulous combination of cardio plus weight training. According to a news report, Rani Mukerji does weight training for half an hour and walks on the treadmill for exact 45 minutes five days a week. She underwent rigorous workout sessions as well, doing 300-500 stomach crunches and stretching exercises daily.

Why not seek inspiration from her, and ‘present’ your special friend or office colleague a healthy way of life. You may join them in the endeavor of trimming that extra flab and getting fit.

What are those offbeat but highly useful gift options, you sure would like to know! Await our next blog post to know more about them…

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