Secrets of successful gifting strategies to build bonds with customers and consumers

In the following paragraphs, let’s try to understand finer aspects of gifting depending on to whom they are presented. Here we shall unravel secrets of successful gifting strategies to build bonds with customers and consumers.

Gift StrategiesWith today’s added and pronounced emphasis on corporate ethics, it is imperative that you not only scrutinize the gift and its recipient but also the mode of the presentation. Carefully consider the points below before you make your choice:

  • The first key thing is to finalize a list of those who you believe won’t mind accepting gifts
  • Once you have done so, carefully make the gift choice.
  • It is also crucial as how you are going to package and present them. For example, if you choose to ship gifts, you do away with a great opportunity of reinforcing the bonding between your customers and your sales force.
  • The point to be underlined here is that gifts have the maximum impact when they are presented in persona with a customized touch to make the receiver feel privileged.
  • The gift in itself and its worth may not matter so much if it’s dispatched and given in an impersonal manner. What enhances its worth it the way you opt to present it.

Creative gift strategiesAt the outset, let’s be clear about that fact noncash awards or merchandise offered to consumers generally fall under this particular category of awards or premiums that come with games and sweepstakes. Now, let’s understand a bit more about the concept.

  • The motive is to add an element of surprise for the customer
  • Another purpose of giving noncash awards or merchandise is building long-term loyalty.
  • The key factor in successful employment of using consumer gifts as a relationship building strategy is to have a specific goal and focus in mind. This, in other words, means, targeting customers whose volume you are in a position to track over time.
  • Let’s take a practical case. A supermarket chain wants is looking to boost usage of its preferred-customer card scheme so it will be able to track their purchase patterns more accurately. It has given incentives to get consumers to sign up and make use of the card. However, its usage has begun to trail off. As part of its effort to keep alive interest in the preferred-customer card, the supermarket dispatches a surprise gift with a nice thank-you note from the president to all those who have actually used the card to purchase goods of say 1000 rupees in a month. This will result in mouth publicity and popularity of the scheme, thus fulfilling its end goal.

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