Sachin Tendulkar’s favorite gifts

Bowlers all across the world have faced the brunt of his powerful willow over the last 20 years. They don’t really find anything funny when the master blaster is busy smashing them to every corner of the park.

However, outside the cricket field, our very own master Sachin Tendulkar has a very funny and amusing side to his personality. This was unveiled in an article in the DNA on eve of his birthday. 

At a recent public event Sachin attended with his son Arjun, daughter Sara and wife Anjali, pointing to latter, sitting in the front row, he stated, “There is a woman behind every successful man. But she is not behind – but in front – in my case.” This remark sent the whole audience into peals of laughter.

Sachin revealed he didn’t have one, but three women to whom he could well attribute his success. Are you Surprised by this? Well, writer Aveek Bhowmik noted in report, titled ‘My wife’s wishes are very important: Sachin Tendulkar’:

“Even we were initially. But he put all our doubts to rest. He quipped: “Anjali remains the pillar of strength for me. She has always been there every time my chips were down. And then, there is my mother! These two women (my wife and mother) have played a major role in my life. Now, there’s a new addition – my daughter Sara.”

Sachin, who turned 36 last week, was excited at the mention of his favorite gifts. He stated, “The greeting cards that my kids make for me are very special. I cherish all the moments I have spent with my father on my birthdays. Also, my wife’s wishes are very important for me.”

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