Rubik’s Cube, voted as the greatest toy craze ever, makes an intelligent gift idea

Rubik’s Cube is incredibly addictive, multi-dimensional challenge that continues to fascinate puzzle fans across the world. According to an estimate, it has 43 Quintillion” possible moves and only “ONE” correct solution! The engrossing exercise still appeals people cutting across age, occupation and level of intelligence as has been confirmed in a recent online poll that has rated it the greatest toy craze of all times, ranking it way above Playstation and other modern, techno-toys!

The classic Cube will make a perfect corporate or personal gift for the brainy types who will certainly enjoy this immensely popular puzzle. Rubik’s Cube is a six-sided, 3 x 3 puzzle. It’s a perfect brain-teaser with an objective is to twist, turn and jumble the Cube employing various combinations to return it to its original state – every side having one solid color.

The Cube bears the stamp of the genius Erno Rubik, a lecturer at the Dept. of Interior Design at the Academy of Applied Arts and Crafts, Budapest. Hence it’s called Rubik’s Cube. Rubik was fond of geometry, the study of 3D forms, construction and loved exploring the hidden possibilities of combination of various forms and materials. It was the realization that the simplest elements, cleverly duplicated and manipulated, can yield abundant, multiple forms made him invent the Cube. The compulsive interest of colleagues, students and friends in the Cube amazed its creator, but it was months before he thought of mass-producing it.

A solutions booklet along with the captivating, challenging Cube will make the gift complete.

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  1. Hi Kanika,
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