Revamp office space; it will be a perfect May Day gesture

Poor office design is often responsible for loss of productivity apart from hurting employee morale. According to a survey, nearly thirty per cent people opt to leave their current jobs owing to the poor office environment and almost an equal number of prospective employees turn down a job offer largely because of a firm’s poor work environment.

The most common complaints from people working in badly designed offices are:

Noise – It affects their work efficiency.
Temperature – The offices is either too warm or too cold for comfort.
Insufficient space – The people commonly find their workspace cramped and constrained.
Uncomfortable furniture – Employees often are dissatisfied with the outdated office furniture.

Other common areas of complaint and irritation are poor ventilation and poor illumination. The ventilation system should provide quality indoor air. It should also provide the right levels of humidity and temperature. Importantly, it should be well maintained. A badly lit office may cause accidents resulting from shadows, glare, eyestrain and fatigue.

The idea of building a pleasant office environment is to create productive and conducive conditions for optimum output. A well-designed office layout improves staff morale and profitability whereas badly designed offices constrain employees. Getting rid of clutter and reorganizing the workspace will lead to a positive working environment.

Take steps to revamp office space. It will be a perfect May Day or International Workers’ Day gesture!

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