Return gifts for your child’s birthday


We are just through our Children’s day celebrations. Many Bollywood celebrities including India’s rising child star Darsheel Safary celebrated the day. Darsheel had a great time along with children from St Catherines Home on the children’s day.

We are just through our Children’s day celebrations. But when it comes to your little angels, there is no stopping celebrating and gifting. We shall continue with the theme of gifting for children.

This time, we draw your attention to an interesting article that asked ‘How much time do you really spend every birthday of your child to come up with a return-gift idea?’ It appeared in the Mint newspaper sometime back. But this is the perfect time to bring it up again to your notice as it deals with a very pertinent theme of birthday return gifts.

The writer of this insightful piece, Seema Chowdhry, mentions: “A birthday party is as much about the candles, musical chairs and cake as it is about return gifts for a child. The take-home tokens are an integral part of the celebration. Whether you like it or not, all children look forward to coming back home with goodies. When they get dried-up play dough, boxes of chocolates or crayons, they are disappointed.

The article quotes several parents and experts. Rabiba Gidwani of Mumbai-based b’ay party planner, Clowns R Us, mentions: “About 50 percent of parents tend to outsource birthday party planning, but they wish to do their own return gifts.”

Her advice to them is not to ‘deviate from the party theme and not to leave return gifts-shopping as the last or the least priority thing on their list because they will end up scrambling, and get the wrong things. Spending huge money is not the only way of making your gifts to stand out. So, how to go about it? We shall find the answer in the next posting.

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