Redefining the business of corporate gifts

Right from large corporate gift buyers who are genuinely sourcing for now promotional merchandise and corporate gifts, to wholesalers and retailers from all over India, looking for networking and new business opportunities visit the Giftex venue. It won’t be different this year in Mumbai, with the keenly awaited premier corporate gifting event just round the corner! What are the reasons that are driving the corporate gifting industry?

With strong winds of globalization blowing around and the clouds of slowdown gradually withering, corporate India has become more brand conscious and savvy. Sales strategies are now universal in approach, and as it is the practice world over, Promotional Merchandise and gifts alongside premiums are now integral aspects of their sales strategy.

The gifting business has progressively been redefined. Today any product could be seen as a corporate gift depending upon various factors and the multiple choices available to the giver. Gifting business has the potential of touching an annual turnover of thousands of crores.

Simultaneously, corporate gifting has penetrated into the personal realm of the receiver.The most reliable Gifting industry event. Corporate gifting business, as stated above, has a potential of being a lucrative business domain. Keeping this in mind, Giftex has positioned itself as India’s most powerful and prominent exhibition for the industry, keen to play the role of catalyst in the development of the corporate gift business.

Now in its 26th year, Giftex with its proven capabilities provides exhibitors with three exhibition, 2 in Mumbai and 1 in Bangalore. The biggest names and innovative exhibitors with quality products and cutting edge designs come to the exhibition venue in full force because of its ability to attract more and more Buyers, Wholesalers, Retailers and Traders from all over India.

To become a major player in the corporate gifting business reserve your booth at the Giftex summer show. Find more customers, establish new contacts and reconnect with your current clients and create a presence for yourself in this niche arena…

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