Rechargeable battery banks for your mobile devices

You will consider yourself lucky to draw more than a day’s usage out of your smartphone. Its processors and screens eat power, so even if you take enough precaution, they will go off faster than you think. A good idea is to consider a pre-charged battery booster, which will ensure that you’re never without battery while on the go!  Now you will always have loads of power when you indeed need it the most.

Energenie ChargeGenie: This compact, powerful and stylish power bank, has a battery capacity of 5,000mAh; more than enough juice to charge your Smart Phone and tablet. Its light and compact design means that it will easily fit into your pocket, or hand bag when on the go. The ChargeGenie 50 has three charging modes to enable it to charge most portable devices. It comes with 6 connectors and will work with any USB cable that comes with your Mobile Phone or portable device.

The handy accessory will enable ample extra usage of your smartphone use. It’s compatible with most devices that can be charged via a micro-USB. As a result, most Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phones can be run for a longer period without worrying about how they will get recharged.

Innergie Pocketcell: It’s a universal rechargeable mobile battery bank that has been designed to provide you power when you need it the most for all USB-powered devices. It charges all USB-powered mobile devices, including tablets, smartphones, mp3 players, portable game consoles and more. This 3.5-inch rechargeable power bank (£60; from comes with a 4-in-1 attachment for a standard, mini or micro USB, or an Apple connector.

First, connect PocketCell to either a wall or car charger, or to your plugged-in laptop or desktop computer using the included Magic Cable Trio. Allow PocketCell to charge for a couple hours or until fully charged. All four blue indicator lights should be lit when you unplug PocketCell, indicating that its battery is full. Use the included Magic Cable Trio again connected at the other end to any device that needs to be charged while on the go.

PocketCell Duo: The new PocketCell Duo ( is said to store almost double the juice of the existing model, It can charge two devices at once. Probably most powerful rechargeable battery bank in its class, the PocketCell Duo features a compact and stylish design. It includes a single cable that connects to over 10,000 different devices, the Innergie Magic Cable Trio with integrated 3-in-1 Apple 30-pin, Micro and Mini USB connectors.

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