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Reasons Why Tea is Always a Good Idea for Corporate Gifting

“Tea is the elixir of life.”

As the corporate gifting season comes closer, we bring to you some reasons why tea can be a great gifting idea. Bundled in beautiful packaging and wooden boxes bearing company’s logo, it can be a great gift to stay in minds of your client/ employee/ business associate with every sip. As a receiver of the gift, the person will surely appreciate it with customized flavor. Richly incorporated with health benefits, we bring to you some of the many benefits of tea. From black teas to white teas and from oolong teas, there are n numbers of flavors taking the tradition tea to a different level.

According to the study conducted in China consumption of low fat diet and tea can help drop cholesterol by 16%. A cup of red tea contains anti-spasmodic agents and can reduce your stomach cramps. Tea prevents formation of blood clots and thus prevents heart-attacks and strokes. As per a study, it is proven that tea drops cortisol which is a stress hormone by 20% thus reducing the stress level. A herbal tea is quite known for its characteristic to increase immunity, which is why it is suggested to have at least one cup of tea on chilled morning.

Packed in beautiful boxes with customized logo on it, it is gift to be treasured. There is no doubt that tea can be a perfect corporate gift to show gratitude as well as induce a healthy habit in one’s diet. Choose the best tea product amongst more than 500 flavors from different tea brands at Giftex 2017. Iron Buddha Company, SVA India Ltd., Exalte Tea, Panella Food & Beverages Pvt. Ltd. are some of the star tea products in the Giftex 2017 food pavilion.


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