Bajaj, one of India’s most popular and renowned brands, when it comes to products for day-today usage, has established itself as an ideal choice for corporate gifting. They all come with an assurance of effective output and guarantee. We take a quick look at its popular offerings for you to consider:

Del room heater

•    Two heat settings (1000 W / 2000 W)
•    Bright nickel chrome plated reflector
•    Nickel chrome plated mesh grid
•    Tilting legs
•    Approved by BIS (ISI marked)


•    Purification cartridge life 7000 liters
•    SilverNANO Technology
•    4Stage Purification
•    99% Turbidity Removal
•    Removes Harmful Water Borne Bacteria
•    Removes Algae & Parasite
•    Protects from Disease’s like Cholera,Typhoid,Dysentery & diarrhoea
•    Economical Usage Cost(0.09 paise/Litre) & Replacement Catridge

Steam iron

•   1200 W for Quick Heating
•  13 steam vents for uniform steam distribution
•  Variable Steam output to cater different types clothes
•  Non Stick coated large sole plate for easy glide on clothes
•  8 gms of steam output
•  Water Spray facility for stubborn creases
•  Self Cleaning Facility
•  180o Swivel cord; Safety Plus: Thermal Fuse
•  150 ml translucent water tank with lid for additional safety
•  Approved by BIS (ISI Marked)

Majesty Duo cookware set

• 3 pcs set of Cookware, TAWA, FP, KADAI
•  Induction base utensils
•  Compatible on Gas stove
•  3 layered Non stick Coating

CEX 7 Cappuccino Black

• Ideal For 4 To 6 Cups Of Strong Brew
• Turbo System For Cappuccino
• Hardened Glass Carafe
• Selector Control Switch
• Frother Facilitates Milk Frothing
• Coated Tank With 500 Ml Capacity
• Variable Steam Control & Swivel
• Removable Water Tank & Drip Tray For Easy Cleaning


•  UV Lamp life 6000 working hours
•  Long lasting, foodgrade 304 SS UV Chamber
•  4Stage Purification
•  External prefilter with SS mesh to remove large particles
•  Sediment and Granular activated carbon life of 6000 liters.
•  Protects from Disease’s like Cholera,Typhoid,Dysentery,Diarrhea, Gastroenteritis etc.
•  Specially designed for low water pressure like loft tank installation.
•  5 micron multylayer sediment filter removes physical impurities like dirt, dust etc.
•  Silver impregnated activated carbon removes color, odor,free chlorine,dissolved gases and organic impurities

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