Race to get fit, the Anil Ambani way

You would tend to think that business tycoon Anil Ambani would have an issue with a film revolving around his ‘fat boy’ days, now that he has managed to knock off the flab. He has established his credentials as a professional runner (the Mumbai Marathon saw him right in front of the pack).

But the ADAG chief tycoon appears to be extremely secure with himself, noted a DNA news report, which mentions that he has not made any effort to stop the release of the new film ‘42 kms’.

The report by Soumyadipta Banerjee mentions: “Ambani has given the filmmakers a go-ahead (over e-mail).” This is what he wrote to the film producer, Vicky Tejwani, when he was informed of a character in the movie almost based on him. “Hi Vicky, I do not mind…Thanks a lot. I will not be able to attend the film’s premiere owing to prior commitments. But I wish the best for the film. Regards, Anil…”

Director Nisha Chainani has been quoted as saying: “We informed Anil Ambani via email about the film. Instead of preventing us from filming those scenes, he wished us all the best.”

She got to know about his weight problem while being part of a group ‘the Hash Run’ six years ago. She heard how the taunts about his weight prompted him to take up exercise and to take part in the Boston Marathon.

The point we are making is health and fitness has become a core activity for celebrities despite their hectic lifestyle. So, why should be left behind. If you want to spread the message, there can be not better way than gifting a fitness gadget to your colleagues, bosses and relatives to encourage them to stay fit.

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