Quick glance at India’s thriving corporate gifting industry

The corporate gifting industry in India is fast booming. Quality utility and decorative items made available at affordable prices are very much in demand especially on eve of the festive season and even otherwise. Most businesses don’t mind a fine mix of modern and traditional ideas while picking a gift item depending on the volume and scope of the corporate gifting program.

There’s a growing emphasis on affordable premium quality gifts. Companies though by and large are gradually moving away from items such as small electric appliances and diaries to utility as well as aesthetic pieces. Similar trend has been observed as far as individual gifting pattern is concerned.

A perfect combination of practicality as well as aesthetic elements is the mantra for gifting objects that are hitting the shelves in today’s competitive marketplace. The idea behind them is to help a company strengthen its relationship with esteemed clients and even employees sans straining the budgets and burning too big a hole in pockets.

This particular trend sure has seen a marked upsurge in the last decade or so. According to an estimate of industry insiders, the market for thriving corporate gifting industry has touched the figure of Rs.12,000 crore (close to $2.5 billion). Exclusive or generic items at cost-effective prices with an exquisite packaging are in demand.

Finicky consumers look for contemporary gifting items that will serve the purpose of branding. According to seasoned industry players, organizations nowadays seek a touch of exclusivity to go with finesse and quality. With several gifting item manufacturers entering the fray, there is a wide choice available to them. Even though there is increased competition, a definite rise in the demand augurs well for the industry.

Products like innovative and useful travel gears are quite popular especially for senior level executives since managers and marketing professionals are invariably on the go. Hand-crafted decorative items, limited edition watches, writing instruments and leather accessories are equally popular.

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  1. your blog is quite interesting .Giving a corporate gift is an art. lot of things need to take care occasion,time,place,budget,company policy,client interests etc. to make it effective.

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