Precursor to the Giftex show in Mumbai

With the Summer Show having been proved to be a major success, preparations for another grand edition of Giftex Expo to start from August 2, 2013 in Mumbai are almost over. It will probably be one of the largest gift and stationary expos ever held in India, organizers are confident.

Gifting items on offer can range from as little as 50 rupees to several thousand rupees. You can check for gifting product consignments in small amounts or you can go for in large amounts, depending on your exact need. Essentially, the expo is for everyone who has an interest in the domain of corporate gifting.

So what do you need to know before you step foot in the expo? First, there’s going to be a lot of people. Hotly contested items may sell out (though you’ll still be able to order the items at the booth.) Try to arrive early so you can find your way around the eager competitors and make your purchases before they arrive.

Before arriving at the expo, make a list of all the people you’re buying gifts for. Jot down ideas for items that you may want to buy them. The atmosphere at the expo can be very fast paced and it’s easy to forget one or two people if you don’t have them all written down.

There are a lot of different inventions and a lot of different kinds of gifts at the expo. While you definitely want to come to the expo with ideas on what you want to buy, make sure to also come with an open mind. You might find new gifts that you didn’t know existed. If you have a budget in mind before you arrive, it will help finalizing the deal. A set budget for both a per-person gift and for your overall trip is a good idea. Don’t get swept away by all the different items available.

Finally, remember that everything is open to negotiation. If you’re making small purchases, negotiation may be limited. If you’re making large purchases however, you can often get steep discounts on your purchases.

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