Practical gifting tips for SMEs

A recent interesting and informative interview with Kelly Rarere, the Billy Goat Promotions MD, in The New Zealand Herald, discussed various niceties and nuances of gift giving in the business realm. We summarize the key points emphasized by him based on his practical experience as what people and detest when it comes to receiving gifts.His practical advice is to view the occasion-based gifts as a long-term investment instead of a momentary gesture, involving needless expense. What else does the expert suggest?

  • Focus on high quality, high use products your customers will genuinely appreciate and will use for a long time to come. Sending a quality gift that will last a long time and be used often means the ongoing benefits for your brand will continue long after memories of a party may fade, providing much greater value for money.
  • When your company sends a gift with their name on it, it is essentially sending a message about their company, so it’s important to send the right message. Budget is obviously a key factor in the decision making process, but even with a small budget a company can find gifts that will stand out from the rest.
  • Cheap, unoriginal gifts are a waste of money as they often either break after a short time or are of so little value to the recipient that they are soon forgotten or lost. Giving a quality rather than an expensive gift that the receiver will love doesn’t guarantee their lifelong loyalty, but it does remind them how much you value their business and create goodwill that may be a crucial factor in future decisions.
  • People definitely notice when they’re not given the respect they deserve (or think they deserve), and they won’t forget it. If a company gives a pen that breaks the first time I use it, the potential client will probably never deal with that company again.

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