Practical gag gifts that can be handy in day-to-day life

Gag GiftsGag gifts can be practical in theme and content as well. For example, why not think of a Screaming and Coughing Ashtray as a gift? This ashtray will try to help a smoker remind of the ill-effects of smoking by making a screaming and coughing!

This ashtray is so designed that it looks like a real pair of lungs. As the smoker puts the cigarette onto the ashtray it will activate a disturbing coughing and screaming sound! Isn’t it a great gag gift for someone ‘pack-a-day smoker’ who you know, and are keen on helping the person give up the habit?

Here is another practically workable gag gift! Does one of your short-tempered friends need help getting rid of those phone calls from irritant callers? Well, your gag gift will just be the perfect solution for them. It will act a shield against a pesky telemarketer.

You can gift your friend or colleague a unique ‘Pocket-Get off the Phone Excuse Machine’. This tiny device can really be handy. It will give out different quirky sounds that will help the person out of the tightest spot, and get them off the phone ‘fast’. Thanks to your gift, freedom is simply ‘the press of a button’ away!

A Seat Saver will be an ultimate gag gift with some serious practical application. Have you ever gone to a packed hall where you managed to grab the perfect seat only to surrender it to some a-hole? You reach there early; grab the front row seat and then nature calls. It’s an awkward situation, but you cannot leave, so what to do? There are people hovering around, awaiting to grab your place once you get up. You must have experienced this situation.

What if your gag gift can help one of your dear friends overcome the problem? A seat saver is a perfect practical gag gift! These fake spills come in form of a Ketchup Packet Spill or an ice cream cone spill that look like the real thing! Just place it on your coveted seat and it’ll still be empty when you come back! It can also be a great prank! Put the spills on some important documents of your colleagues or on a friends’ costly carpet and watch them panic!

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