Pop Art Toaster and other All Fools’ Day gifts

Practical jokes are a fun tradition to celebrate the spirit of April Fool’s Day also known as All Fools’ Day.

Some times, practical jokes are played out on office colleagues, friends or relatives on this day so you need to watch for such pranks the entire day. But keep in mind that this occasion is for-fun-only so you should not feel offended and take the whole thing the right spirit. We suggest some deceiving ‘gift’ ideas for this day in keeping with its mood and spirit.

‘Shocking’ Pen or pain
A perfect gift for the mischievous office prankster! This one is among the most shocking gifts that will, literally be a ‘pain’ for the receiver!!! Try it out and you’ll see it for yourself. Keep it on the person’s desk in such a way that he or she would be tempted to pick it, and you can enjoy the wacky, wicked feeling of revenge!

Faces on ‘Adam & Eve’ and other famous masterpieces
Imagine your friend’s photograph gets transformed onto, Adam & Eve or any other immortal character! You can opt for any masterpiece to get the person’s snap merged into it to customize the frame. You can get an artwork done on the Web! You may add a human figure or a pet in the background object of your choice in the artwork. Make it off-beat or wacky, of course, at your own risk.

SIGN & SEAL’ magnetic set
Add a touch of whimsy to your friend’s boring desk with this pen-holding pinniped. Just give it a whirl!

Pop Art Toaster
Why not let your friend kick start the day with a unique kitchen gadget. We are talking about this accessory that will ‘toast’ fun images into the bread!

These will make perfect gifts for the All Fools’ Day. You can think of more such ideas using your creativity and imagination.

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