If you want to gift someone a piece of art, you need to follow certain steps so that you buy the right artwork of a good artist at the correct cost in the context of current market scenario. Of course, buying art either for collecting or for gifting purpose has now become much easier thanks to the fact that the art market has certainly become more matured and more transparent.

The process of buying art has become more ‘democratic’, so to say. The whole process of buying and gifting art can be invigorating, educative and exciting. It’s largely about spotting the potential early in a budding artist.

This may also be subjective since the person you want to gift the artwork would have his or her own choices and tastes. Accordingly, he or she would identify with a particular style of work and would fancy. This point needs to be kept in mind when you are buying an artwork from a gifting angle.

Before you buy an artwork for gifting purpose, it makes sense to approach experienced art advisors for understanding intricacies of the art market. Expert inputs are indeed crucial from point of view of understanding artistic significance and market potential of a particular piece.

Of course, you may conduct your own study of the art market. This is not difficult since information about individual artists and broader art market trends is now available online.

Indian art market, still in an early growth phase, offers good scope for appreciation in value at this juncture! So, it’s the perfect time to diversify your gifting portfolio, and make art a part of it.

Buy a piece of art for someone dear to you. It may well prove to be the most precious possession a few years later!

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