It is not a complete surprise to see modern corporate offices planning a Valentine bash for their employees. Being an official, albeit a sort of informal gathering, it is important that the event stays true to the spirit of the occasion still it does not cross the limits of the unwritten code of office behavior.

Add a dash of naughtiness

You can add a dash of naughtiness while sending the invitations out, though – a sprig of mistletoe inside the envelope never did anybody any harm and lets the recipient know that the party is about, after all, having fun. Christmas and New Year was only a little over a month back so it’s not too late to use the cute little plant!

Say it with flowers

Carry the thread of humor forward with funny romantic cards and ironic quotations about love kept at various spots in the room. Refrain from using mistletoe at the actual party, however, and skip the clichéd roses to find fresh flowers signifying love and friendship like the bluebell and pansy and primrose.

Remember, flowers draw attention to a space so they should be displayed in attractive vases in key spots and should be well-lit.

Play interesting games

While surveys do show that the Indian workplace is ready for Ally-like romantic intrigues, a game of Spin-the Bottle would be highly out of place, as would skimpy clothing and going overboard on the booze.

A post party, thank you gift could be as simple as a box of chocolates to a unisex piece of clothing (read funky tee shirts), a decorative item for the home to a useful item for the workplace. A small bottle of liqueur is a great parting gift too. Whatever it may be, it should be wrapped well, thereby displaying your professional ease with everything and everybody.

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