Pick and arrange wonderful wall art pieces for eclectic clients

One of the great ways to bring vitality into the office environ is a perfect piece of wall art. You can also consider it as a gorgeous gift. We shall consider handy tips for the purpose:

Gauge the space available

When hanging anything, gauge the space available. Hang your pieces two feet away from each other in a straight line. When hanging along the staircase, too, the pieces should follow a straight line, preferably along the banister. If a piece needs to go above a sofa in your room where you would meet clients or guests, hang it six to nine inches above the sofa, at eye level.

Consider the office settings

Try and understand what kind of atmosphere and ambience the office generally has. Does the owner prefer a dynamic and creative setting? Or should it be minimalistic with a stark color play? Choose the theme according to the client’s tastes and personality. Creative jobs like advertising need a stimulating environment; jobs that are more desk-oriented can have a relaxed feel to relieve employees of their mental pressure. Similarly, rooms where brain storming happens can be bold and dynamic.

Figurative, landscape or abstract?

There are many kinds of wall art. Choose those that become talking points without being too garish or something that could appeal to only a niche few. Abstract wall art might not be very popular and most might even feel repelled by it. Opt for contemporary wall art – dancing figures and pictures in metal panels. You will find that more people can relate to this category of objects and they give a modern feel to the office. Masks are a common way to add character to any room. You can also install wall vases at strategic points and grow different varieties of foliage to add freshness and greenery to the room.

To sum it up, you can pick and arrange wonderful wall art pieces to please eclectic clients. You can be creative by creating one of your own and customizing it.

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