Personalized gifts add more value to gifting

“Gifts should be so presented that they suit the receiver’s personality.” thinks Nidhi Agrawal. Importantly, she acts upon what she preaches. Want to know more about her passion that culminates business and hobby? Well, just hand over a picture of your choice to her and she will apply her imagination to convert it into a dramatic present to reflect the person’s interests.

It can be anything from a Hello magazine cover for someone who is an aspiring model, a book of personal achievements for a dotting husband celebrating his birthday, to a calendar with key dates marked on it, a fine family video, or an apron for a person who relishes cooking.

It was about three years back that the idea struck this aspiring fashion designer. She was confused as to what to offer as a gift to one of her relatives. Se then decided to opt for something innovative as well as highly personal. She presented a wrist watch that carried a picture of the recipient on the dazzling dial. The idea was received very well and she extended it into a small venture for offering functional and useful gifts.

Nidhi Agrawal’s personalized gifts make a memorable and unique choice. Using watches, cushions and even blankets as mediums of her expression, she has now moved on to visiting cards, candles mouse pads, towels and baby books. She has even tried the idea on a jigsaw puzzle.

She first designs the idea on her personal computer. She makes modifications to it till the customer approves it. She secures most of her work through word of mouth publicity. 

For example, she has devised a clock with its hands fixed at a specific time to represent ‘memorable moments in one’s life with the pictures in place of the numbers. What’s more the creator has on offer a satisfaction guarantee the gifts.

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