Perfect handsets for basic users

Global slowdown has failed to damp the spirits of the ‘mobile’ spirits. However, the budgets have curtailed a bit, and one of the important decisions is how much to spend on a new handset apart from what features to look for. As you would know, more the features, higher the price tag of your phone.

If you are looking to give a handset as a gift, we suggest some good handsets for basic users. We can broadly club major half of the new-generation mobile phone users as basic types.

What a basic user really needs is ample phonebook memory for stashing away his or her contacts, an intuitive user interface for organizing SMS and phonebook, a solid service, with a steady SMS platform, and a good keypad.

When it comes to gifting a mobile phone to such a user, you have a wide array of choice, in terms of price and model. One such basic ‘emergency’ phone for talking and texting purpose is MotoYuva EM325 from Motorola. Available at a best-buy price of roughly Rs 5,000, this slider phone offers many practical functions, such as FM Radio and one-touch access to music library.

This entry-level handset does not leave you without a handy camera. The EM325 includes a 1.3 megapixel camera and a USB port for quick data transfer as well as back-ups, Bluetooth and a 1.8” color screen. Its battery time is just up to 7.5 hours.

If you want to give a more funky-looking model, nice Nokia sets are available at Rs 5,800. Seek Nokia 5130 XpressMusic. It’s considered a mass-market handset that caters to on-the-go music lovers.

A 2-inch TFT display plus a stereo, FM radio, a 3.5mm std. audio jack for earphones, a 2-megapixel camera and,  make this an efficient candybar phone. It has a 1GB internal memory expandable to 8GB via microSD slot that comes at an extra cost).

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