Corporate Gifting For Trade Shows and Press Conferences!


Trade shows and press conferences remain as a very good opportunity to make a connection with prospective clients, build a goodwill around the brand and its products, make customers aware about your products very well, generate direct responses, and build a relationship for a long term period.

The most important aspect of an event is to maximize the extent of promoting a brand and its products which further helps in attracting a lot of customers.

So, How can we maximize the extent of promoting a brand and its products?

Well, The best way to do it is through corporate gifting. Corporate gifting enables you to even brand your gift. That’s where the opportunity is. Imagine a situation, where you have gifted a mug or preferably a t-shirt which has the logo of your brand/company on it. You would be able to maximize the extent of promoting your brand and their products very naturally. Your corporate gift will speak for you. Ain’t that good enough?

Moreover, organizing a corporate gifting contest every hour at a trade show would provide you with maximum mileage for your company, brand and products. You can even have some free give aways for all those people who visit your stall. Though these are general trade practices already found at a trade show, you can always come up with a creative idea that sounds good to all people visiting your stall. Sounds good? do comment on what you feel about the same.

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Corporate Gifting For Thanks Giving Day!


Today is Thanks Giving Day!

Thanks Giving Day is celebrated across the world to express gratitude to god.

Thanks Giving Day is a day when all friends and relatives get together to gift each other and enjoy a feast. It is the day when everyone gets together to pray as a community and share jokes, thoughts, ideas and a lot of fun. It is also a day when people thank each other by sending greeting cards, poems, loving messages of ‘thanks’ and much more.

A beautiful way to say “Thanks” to each one in your company on this Thanks Giving Day would be by giving a beautiful corporate gift, especially a greeting card that expresses ‘thanks!’ in beautiful words of wisdom and a bunch of exquisite chocolates will be a good deal.

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Corporate Gifting To Celebrate Company Acheivements!


Companies celebrate their victorious achievements in style and it is that time of the year when the company unites to rejoice the occasion with all glitter, style and camaraderie. It is the golden opportunity for top executives and the board management of the company to unite the employees and build a “company culture”.

At these occasions, the top executives have an opportunity to speak in front of the whole bunch of employees right from top to the entry level executive / trainee. Corporate gifting at these occasions help make a very big impression on the minds of each and every employee.

A memento with a box of sweets though is a must, a corporate gift such as a handbag or a trip to any location for three-four days would exquisitely be a great idea.

Moments such as these can help build a chain of motivating situations of sorts and have to be handled very carefully as these moments can leverage or even destroy the enthusiasm of the company’s employees. Choosing a corporate gift at these point of times is not only crucial but also should prove to be special too. Discussions with superiors and higher management is a must and the company must identify the ‘perfect corporate gift’ by encouraging a survey across the company asking employees what would they prefer to receive as a corporate gift.

A gift that soothes the employees throat and gives them a multiple boost in efficiency and self esteem would be a great deal and must always be the factor while choosing gifts for employees and the top management.

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Corporate Gifting! A Gift or A Bribe?


Corporate gifting is mainly done to strengthen a relationship with people, we know in person, who will enable us to grow in all aspects of our life. Many a times, we gift people just as to get a favor done from them. The point is, is this really a gift or a bribe?

The spirit of corporate gifting enables us to connect with people and make them a part of our lives. Generally, corporates gift a person because corporates feel that the person deserves a special gift and not because they require them to do us a favor. But in corporate circles, instead of wishing and congratulating clients, employees and others for being with us; many corporates tend to bribe them with a corporate gift so as to get some favors. Now this practice will have many backfiring effects as it is encouraging a corrupt practice and increasing the expectations of the person to receive a gift in order to do something for others.

Moreover, it cuts down the motivation factor into pieces and promotes bad performance.


Are we doing good enough by practicing corporate gifting as a means of getting a return favor?

or is it ethical to do just that?

Please let me know your comments.

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Corporate Gifting To Children, The Real Stars!


It’s children’s day today and a child is the smile of everyone’s face.

Children are like those dreams that we see when we are asleep;

“Those very colorful landscapes that include a rising sun between two mountains during dawn which is fully and warmly expressing its light with clouds spreading all across the sky as if the day is all new, fresh and surprising.”

Children are considered to be the gifts of god. Children are the foundations of the country. Children are the present and the future.

For corporates, gifting children can help them build the foundations of the society. Corporate gifting to children can act as a motivation that will last a lifetime. Corporates can create a very good image of their company by gifting a child an education that will change his life.

Corporate’s can gift under-privileged children their bare necessities such as blankets, toys, clothes, books and other things to change the future of India and the whole world. Corporates must gift orphanages, child welfare institutions, child NGO’s, blind/deaf/dumb children, children with cancer/aids/tuberculosis/other disabilities, children hospitals, children hostels, schools and other children institutions to celebrate a happy children’s day and wish them a great life.

Wishing all children a Happy Children’s Day!

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Corporate Gifting To Professionals!


Professionals such as doctors, lawyers, accountants and financial advisor’s play an important role in our lives. They are always a part of our lives as they always offer us a special moment in our daily lives.

When we are ill, we visit our family doctor to get cured from an illness and its pain. Our doctor warmly advises us on the precautions we must take like a father/mother telling her daughter/son and gives us the necessary medicines required to cure us from our illness, agony and injuries.

When we require legal assistance to get justice from a court, we approach our family lawyer. Our family lawyer fights on behalf of us to get us the desired justice and protects us from the nature of law.

When we require to calculate our taxes, we approach our  accountant and he/she quickly helps in calculating taxes. Not only that, they also show us ways to save taxes.

When we wish to become debt free or require an advice to make sure we multiply our wealth in the best possible manner, we visit our financial adviser who gives his/her best to make sure we end up sailing in the right boat at the right time and place. 

There are many other professionals such as teachers who teach us “how to stand up on our two feet and keep gazing into the eyes of the world very firmly”.  They have taught us to calculate the various angles and curves that life takes us on its way. They have touched our hearts and made up our minds.

“Professionals”, as they are known because they deliver exceptional service, touch our lives in whatever way they can and it is our duty to express gratitude for their kind dedication to us. And the best way to express a note of thanks is..

Presenting a classic corporate gift to a professional which may include a classic diary/ a pen/ a palmtop/ handbags/ souvenirs or anything appropriate wrapped with shining paper and ribbons that give a perfect outlook for your gift.

Corporate Gifting Tips During Weddings!


A wedding for most Indian people is once in a life-time affair. Indian culture is so diverse and rich in tradition that an Indian wedding is performed in its most natural, religious and traditional way.

If its the case that your employee is getting married in the most religious and traditional manner, there are some corporate gifting tips an employer must not forget.

The employee is special to an employers business and so is the employees spouse. An employer must gift not only to the employee but also gift his/her spouse. This way, an employer can also encourage and motivate a relationship with the newly wed spouse and create a very good image of the company.

Corporate gifting a not very expensive set of gold jewelry for both the employee as well his spouse with a bouquet of flowers will definitely prove the employers reputation of being a very good company. A set of traditional crockery would also be a good gift if in case, an employer chooses to gift an inexpensive gift.

A very romantic corporate gift to the newly weds such as a honeymoon package would be awesome.

An employer must not forget to brand the gift by wrapping the gift meticulously in an artistic manner so as to create a smile on the employees face.

Most importantly, a greeting card that expresses blessings of a long happy married life is certainly a must. An employer must not forget to express his good wishes to the employee and his/her newly wedded spouse.

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Corporate Gifting Diwali Bonus In The Form Of Gift Vouchers!

Companies look forward to celebrate Diwali in every unique way possible to make it a remarkable festive season for employees to cherish it all their lives. As companies  across India give their employees a Diwali bonus as a usual practice every year, companies usually pay the bonus in cash. This year the trend of gifting bonuses has evolved into a completely new way. Companies have started giving Diwali bonuses in kind as well.

Since you as an employer might want to give a Diwali bonus in kind, you can make use of the offers from various brands that offer special Diwali gift vouchers during the Diwali festive season. As employees look forward to shop around for the coming new year, a gift voucher that will enable them to shop for the accessories they were about to shop as a matter of fact would be ideal.

Ultimately, making your employees happy this Diwali would surely be your objective so as to welcome the new year with a bang and ensure your company reaches its pinnacle point.

Make sure you give a voucher that enables the employee to shop across a variety of items at a supermall.

Make sure you give a voucher of an amount equal to at least 20 – 30 % of the employees salary as the voucher you will gift will be in respect of the bonus that you would be offering.

Make sure you do not forget to offer a box of mithais/sweets as it is termed auspicious to exchange sweets during Diwali. 

Corporate Gifting To Suit The Corporate Environment


Corporate gifting entails communication between two parties, for example – a company’s clients and company officials, team managers and and team members, the board of directors and a company’s management team. Building rapport becomes an ingredient part of building a corporate camaraderie within the organization.

A corporate gift that builds the corporate environment and further fills it with fun, frolic and bonding within the members of the corporate institution would be ideal. Building an informal environment is the mantra of todays companies and thus, a gift such as a ‘Walkie-Talkie’ or a WAP-enabled phone.

The basic ingredient of successfully engaging company officials to build a highly social and communicative environment is to gift an item the encourages them to initiate conversations very often between themselves.

It is often found that there is always a communication gap or even no way to communicate for a junior executive with the top-level management of a corporate company. Ultimately, it is the relationships that matter the most to a company and its growth, and there can be no better way to build a world class and highly sociable environment other than gifting a corporate gift that lets the corporate person speak their mind.

After all, a company has to engage its employees in being highly creative and encourage them to keep coming up with new and very innovative ideas.

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Pepsi Promoting Gifts Through Employees!!

Diwali’s around the corner and pepsi is making sure that they aren’t left behind.
This year Pepsi has launched 19 festive packs to celebrate the occasion of Diwali which consumers can buy and gift.. not only that they have also roped in their employees to participate in the occasion.

Pepsi will be conducting an internal contest for the employees wherein they will have to sell PepsiCo gift packs to their family members, friends. Now that’s a different approach to selling!! Not only that pepsi is also giving Rs2 from every gift pack that is sold which will be donated to charity to the NGO “CRY” which will be a part of their Diwali celebration.
The festive packs comprise an assortment of brands – Pepsi, 7UP and Mirinda and Mountain Dew along with Tropicana juice and juice based drink Slice.
What Pepsi is doing is that’s its making their employees a part of the Diwali process and by making it a contest they are also ensuring that sales take place. Also what it does is it creates goodwill for the company through the employees as employees will promote the activity as they are a part of it. And in the bargain they are also doing charity which without saying is a very noble cause.

Its not a corporate gift to their employees but it still does the work ie brand promotion. The problem arrives when companies expect a lot from their employees and force them to make sales.

Remember employees talk, even if u may have achieved your sales target, you have lost out on something more precious and that ie employee goodwill and satisfaction.

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