Discover and share the joy of gifting a book!

The singular aim of celebrating World Book and Copyright Day (WBD) is to encourage masses to explore or discover the immense joy hidden in books, which are ultimate treasure troves of knowledge. The celebrations are for cultivating the habit of book reading by providing the people with the opportunity to own a book of their own.

Gift a Book

World Book and Copyright Day celebrations start in March. The day is marked on March 6 in the UK and Ireland. (This date applies to the UK & Ireland only). This is just a precursor to the worldwide celebrations that happen more than a month and a half later, on April 23, when the official World Book and Copyright Day is celebrated in most other countries, including India.

The initiative is well established in the UK schools. The academic circles make the most of this opportunity for celebrating books and reading. Schools in India – children and especially parents – need to follow suit. For e.g., instead of gifting expensive toys on birthdays, parents and relatives should gift books to children.

Of course, buying a book needs some thought and planning. You cannot just pick any book, get it wrapped and hand it over as a gift. You need to select an author or genre that the receiver likes. If you succeed in finding this out, it will add a personal touch to your gesture. While dealing with delegates or clients from abroad, a coffee table book about your country will be a perfect gift idea.

You may look for attractive offers from leading bookstores like Crossword that has on offer gift vouchers. The gift vouchers can make the perfect gift idea. They are available in various denominations you can choose from, depending on your budget. You need not redeem the entire voucher value at a time, and can do so in part, over several visits. Many other leading bookstore chains, including Landmark and Granth among others, have similar attractive offers for book lovers.

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A Brief History Of International Women’s Day: The Day To Acknowledge Their Contribution And Achievements

international womens day women all around world international womens day

International Women’s Day has been celebrated since in the early 1900’s – a period of great expansion in the industrialized and business world. At that time, great unrest as well as critical debate was occurring amongst females.

Their fight against inequality and oppression was gathering momentum. It spurred many women to become active and vocal in this concerted campaign for change. In 1908, about 15,000 women marched through New York for their demand of better pay, shorter hours and voting rights.

In accordance with the Socialist Party of America declaration, the first National Woman’s Day (NWD) was celebrated across the US on 28 February. The US continued to celebrate the occasion on the last Sunday of February till 1913.

At a Socialist International meeting held in Copenhagen, an International Women’s Day was proposed to acknowledge their rights movement and to help them in achieving universal suffrage.

In 1917, on the last Sunday of February, women in Russia started a strike for ‘bread & peace’. Despite opposition from political leaders, they continued with their strike till the Czar was forced to abdicate; the provisional Government granted the right to vote to women.

The date the strike commenced was Sunday (23 February) on the Julian calendar then being used in Russia; this day on the Gregorian calendar was 8 March, now marked as the International Women’s Day.

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Gift giving etiquettes in France

Let’s understand the ways of giving and receiving gifts – business or personal – in France. There are certain unstated conventions of selecting and presenting an appropriate gift in the country. The first thing to be kept in mind is that pompous display of generosity and warmth amid business associates through lavish gifts is unwarranted in France’s business culture. Though giving and receiving gifts is acceptable, you should exercise discretion. Even though gifts are given during social events, especially as a thank-you gesture after a dinner party, don’t get too fussy about its price tag. It need not be very expensive or showy.

French Shirt

Give thoughtful gifts like esoteric books and music collection that the recipient will like and appreciate. For this, you need to be familiar with the recipient’s tastes and interests. Any ethnic object, for example, a piece of art and craft or a coffee table book about your country will be a good gift idea.

One common mistake to avoid is tagging your business card with a gift since it goes against the French business etiquette.

If invited to a French home, carry quality chocolates, a special French dessert, high-quality liqueur or lovely flowers. Remember, chrysanthemums are for funerals. A gift of carnations may be interpreted as a sign of bad will. (Ensure that the bouquet is in odd numbers, in keeping with the old European tradition.) Don’t forget to send a personal thank-you note along with flowers or a basket of fresh fruit to your host the next day.

Holiday cards can be an appropriate gesture, particularly as an expression of sincere gratefulness to your business associates. Sending New Year’s greetings is another popular practice in France. This can be done during the entire month of January, i.e. first month of the New Year.

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What better occasion can there be than the Be Positive Do Something Positive Day to give a gift?

This is an occasion for people all over the world to think positive from their heart and do something really worthwhile for at least one individual or organization. It’s a day for you and me to think and act in a truly positive manner and reach out to someone, and do something good.

The Be Positive Do Something Positive Day on March 1, 2008 will be all about starting your day with a positive idea, thought or prayer and also helping others do the same so that they can spend their day in a positive manner. Giving gift is one obvious thing that we spontaneously do to display and share our happy feelings.

The day is about such lovely gestures when each & every one of us is prompted to think positive and doing at least one small positive thing, that is ‘paying it forward’. Can you think of the results if all of us join together and actively take part in this noble movement of doing something positive for each other?

The significance of being, feeling and sharing positive vibes need not be overemphasized here. In fact, scientific research has proved that individuals who experience happiness in their daily lives have healthier levels of key body chemicals than those who harbor unhappy feelings. Obviously, happier people tend to have healthier hearts and cardiovascular systems, also probably reducing the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes.

Researchers at London based University College in a study have linked ‘everyday happiness’ with much healthier levels of vital body chemicals like the stress hormone cortisol. According to clinical psychologist Jane Wardle, involved in the research, laughter is the best medicine. The research establishes a definite link between positive emotional feelings with good health.

Gifting is one way of becoming yourself happy and making someone else happy. What better occasion can there be than the Be Positive Do Something Positive Day to gift something worthwhile?

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Looking for a gift ideas for the Be Positive Do Something Positive Day?

If you are looking for an appropriate gift idea for the Be Positive Do Something Positive Day, here’s some help on offer so that you can come up with something, which will be cherished for years to come?

Laughing BuddhaLaughing Buddha – ‘The Gift of Happiness‘: You can make your dear ones to feel special on this Be Positive Do Something Positive Day by gifting this traditional and much treasured Gift. Laughing Buddha, it is believed spreads happiness around. The statue is supposed to bring a lot of good luck when given as a gift than when bought and retained with one self, so send one to spread bliss & joy with this serene statue!

ChocolatesChocolate: Most chocoholics will affirm that they love chocolate since it makes them really happy. What better excuse can be there to give it as a gift? Our taste buds will confess to the pleasures of a gourmet chocolate. According to BBC Science and Nature report, chocolates contain tryptophan, the natural ‘love drug’ that is utilized by our brains to make serotonin. A lack of it is generally associated with chronic fatigue syndrome. Dark chocolate is high in polyphenols, so it enhances the serotonin level in the brain. This drives away anxiety and can produce happiness. Chocolate also carry small amounts of caffeine that add to dopamine levels, thus activating pleasure centers of the brain.

Other popular gifting ideas: You may go for other popular gifting ideas as follows-

  • Key chains
  • Executive writing pens
  • Manicure sets, bud vases, Mugs
  • Music CDs
  • A pleasant painting or photoframe
  • Jewelry and trinket boxes, charm bracelets.

All these also make a perfect gift not just for the “Be Positive Do Something Positive Day” but for any other personal or professional occasion.

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Meaningful gift ideas that will stay with the recipient forever

Here are some real thoughtful and meaningful gifting gestures on eve of the Be Positive Do Something Positive Day that will stay with the recipient forever and won’t be forgotten easily.

Books on Positive ThinkingBooks about thinking positive: This is the perfect occasion to gift a book like ‘A Little Angel Love: Spread Happiness & Inspiration, with Help from the Angels’ by Jacky Newcomb to bring happiness, fulfillment and love into someone’s life. With this gift book of valuable inspirational guidance, quotes and stories of angels and spirits, happiness won’t be far away. And the recipient would always remember you for the meaningful gift you gave.

Caricature faces MasksCaricature Faces/Masks: Caricature is an intriguing art of creating a funny face. It’s like a cartoon that takes facets of one’s face and body structure. Any peculiar feature of a given face is exaggerated through a caricature, albeit the resemblance to it is not completely lost, so as to recognize the identity of a person. Approach an artist who will create caricatures that look funny. You can send these funny & cool caricatures to your friends, relatives and colleagues as a gift, and make them smile.

You can even use these interesting caricatures for making off-beat corporate business cards, occasion-based greeting cards or the same can be printed or engraved on your official accessories to impart a unique look to them. You can get them done digitally for faster and quality output. Importantly, these caricatures are affordable. They are really catchy, and will stand out as a gift on eve of Be Positive Do Something Positive Day.

RingtonesMusical ringtone: You can send/gift a ringtone. Show off your creativity by combining funny or custom polyphonic ringtones. Give them as gifts to friends, family and colleagues.

You can think of more such interesting and worthy gifting ideas that are true to the spirit of the Be Positive Do Something Positive Day.

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Funky gift ideas for the Be Positive Do Something Positive Day

The aim of the Be Positive Do Something Positive Day is to make people cheer up and feel revived. Here are some funky gift ideas for the day.

Funny Playing CardsFunny Playing Cards: It may be a pack of politicians, actors, cricketers or popular cartoon characters. A deck of funny playing cards will be an ideal gift for the occasion. Check, whether you can get them custom made or select one from the available range.

Burpmaster KeyChainBurpmaster Keychain: It’s literally gas on the go – all set for action whenever you feel like spreading a quick laugh. The Burpmaster key chain variants available on the market have recreations of actual burps.

Butt Shaker SetButt Shaker Set: Shake, shake and shake that booty to add some spice to your daily meal! One cheek is salt, other one is obviously pepper. Look for those funny ceramic salt & pepper shakers that will bring smiles around the dining table.

Radio Control RatRadio Control Rat: Send a Radio control rat jumping across the floor and watch everyone getting ‘rat’tled. This evil-looking rodent, as it scurries forward and runs wild in circles – its beady eyes beaming with an eerie red light – will send shivers and ultimately, smiles. You can control the animal’s antics from some distance with the help of a wireless remote.

Such off-beat gifts will add some funk into the recipient’s life! Look for something original. Search for online and offline (physical) resources for such funky gifts or try to create one using your imagination to make your gift a really cool one!

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Innovative Ideas To Make Your Colleagues Feel Good On ‘Be Positive Day’

Here are some more tips on eve of the Be Positive Do Something Positive Day that’s just round the corner.

Be Positive Day
Don’t have lunch at your desk: Consider heading out to a lovely local park instead of a fully air-conditioned restaurant with your colleagues. Go outdoors where you might enjoy your packed food. If you happen to work nearby your home, it’s a perfect idea to venture back and watch a funny TV show with your colleagues, and then jog back to office.
Tune in to music during the day: Listening to the music breaks up the monotony of work. You can share your CDs, MP3s and discuss your tastes with your colleagues. A little game of ‘Name That Tune’ even while busy doing your work will make your time pass by faster and also help you bond with your colleagues.

Plan a charity and get colleagues involved: Organize a monthly charity event to raise funds for some good cause. This will inspire your coworkers to join you. Instead of asking for donations, you can organize an event with some entry fee to get everyone involved. It will really be a lot of fun!
Read aloud inspiring quotes, poems, thoughts, jokes during your lunch & other breaks: If you like to read, make it a habit to read aloud during your breaks instead of grabbing a snack or sitting outside with a cigarette alone. Reading aloud inspiring quotes, poems, thoughts, jokes will take everyone’s mind off work and make their day a little more pleasant.

What else can we do to make our colleagues happy? Do you have more ideas? You can definitely share them with us. Such intangible stress-busters are the best gifts that you can give to stressed professionals in a highly demanding corporate culture. That’s the very essence of the Be Positive Do Something Positive Day.

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HLD: Have your Chinese Lantern Day at office

February 21 is Chinese Lantern Day and we suggest you take full advantage of the occasion to get some unusual gifts for your friends and colleagues at the office. Everybody loves Chinese lanterns – they’re quirky, fun and add a party element to a room.

You can get Chinese lanterns anywhere. The shops are easy to spot – they have large lanterns in various shapes, sizes and colours hanging outside. These paper lanterns have long been considered works of art and there is so much to choose from a decision can be quite mind-boggling!

For the office it is always advisable to get one of the less flamboyant ones. Opt for a smaller size and possibly a more straitlaced shape. If an office party is coming up, you can always go for a large dragon for the entrance or stars to hang from the ceiling. Where the office is concerned always have a pre-determined spot where the lantern will be set up and buy accordingly. It is important that you do not step out of bounds in the work arena and give a frivolous impression. When opting to personally gift a lantern to a colleague, choose a relatively small one as setting it up will end up being quite a task if the person does not live in a big house. Gifting a business partner or your own boss? A large dragon for his or her office foyer is a great idea – it symbolizes strength, power and productivity. Bold colours are more suitable in this last case, but for your own office choose something that is not quite so startling and distracting. Muted, ‘pretty’ colours do the trick when it comes to the office.

A Chinese lantern can brighten up anyone’s day with its unusual shape and the warm light that it throws upon the room. Much better than the usual staid lampshades, don’t you think!

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Chinese New Year’s Eve and the Lantern Festival celebrations

As is the case with most Chinese festivals, there’s an intriguing legend behind the famous Lantern Festival. It’s the Legend of Yuanxiao. Yuanxiao was said to be a beautiful maid in an emperor’s palace. Despite her opulent way of living, Yuanxiao yearned for her family and wanted to be home during Chinese New Year. The legend goes that the maid lied to the emperor about the God of Fire secretly having forewarned her that he planned to burn down the city. She asked the emperor to make the city appear like it was already burning so the God wouldn’t then bother them. The worried emperor took her warning seriously and ordered that the entire court and city be decorated with colored lanterns.

He also ordered firecrackers to be burnt for giving feel of a big fire. The palace was so engrossed in the preparations that Yuanxiao managed to sneak home!
Chinese Lantern Festival
New Year’s Eve and the Lantern Festival especially, taking a cue from the above incident, signify family bonding. This is the time when all family members gather for eating, dancing and shou sui (staying up all night), to mark the occasion. According to a curious custom, rice dumplings are had at midnight. Hence the Lantern Festival is popularly called ‘Round Dumpling Festival’ Tens of thousands of local people and even foreigners visit the annual exhibition of lanterns of uncountable shapes, sizes and pretty colors to welcome the traditional Lantern Festival.

The Lantern festival marks the 15th day of the 1st month of the Chinese lunar calendar. This year (2008) the festival takes place on February 21. It marks the culmination of the fortnight-long Chinese New Year holidays and celebrations. According to the lunar calendar, the New Year of the Rat started on February 7, 2008.

Yuanxiao on Chinese Lantern Festival

As is the norm, all major festivals in any part of the world set the stage for exchange of gifts. These festivals also act as a perfect means for building and enhancing the brand association for most business houses, allowing them to build a rapport with their clients. Of course, one needs to give a deep thought to the kind of gifts to be offered. The gift should be meaningful enough so that the recipient feels like using or preserving it.

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