A Touch Of Liquid Gold To Liven Up The Ol’ Red And Green


Looking for a Christmas gift that exudes elegance, commemorates celebration and truly captures the essence of the Christmas season? Vintage Wines Private Limited, creators of the premium Reveilo wine label, have launched the perfect solution for you – an elegant wine gift set that makes for an ideal complement to the sprit of Christmas. Custom create your gift by choosing from a selection of Reveilo wines that include the award winning Chenin Blanc and the newly launched dessert wine – the deliciously flavoured Late Harvest Chenin Blanc (LHCB), created in consultation with Italian winemaker – Andrea Valentinuzzi. It is a perfect gift this Christmas. The attractive gift box can fit two wines, chosen by especially by you, and are priced upwards of Rs. 1010.

The creation of LHBC was quite an unexpected twist for the company. In early April, six months after pruning, the grapes had started turning into raisins. Andrea Valentinuzzi’s visit from Italy had been delayed; when he arrived, he found inspiration in the sun-dried over-ripe berries for a delectable dessert wine. A selection of five tonnes of over-ripe grapes were individually hand-sorted and made into 2500 litres of exclusive Reveilo Late Harvest Chenin Blanc Dessert wine. The LHCB is priced at Rs 845 for a 375 ml bottle.

“The Late Harvest Chenin Blanc has a lovely golden hue and an underlying aroma reminiscent of honey and scorched almonds,” says Mr Yatin Patil, Director of Vintage Wines. “These intertwine on the palate with impressions of liqueur and dried apricots. It is mouth-filling, rich and sweet, but has retained enough edge to provide it with perfect balance. Though our first batch was fortuitous, we plan to continue with this wine range as it is being highly appreciated by premier dining establishments and wine enthusiasts.

A big ho! ho! ho! to that!

Currently Reveilo wines are available in Mumbai, Pune, Nashik & Bangalore, and plan to increase their presence to Delhi, Kolkatta, Chennai, Jaipur, Hyderabad and the other prime metros and mini-metros.

Pairing Dessert Wine

A good general rule to follow is that the wine should be sweeter than the food it is served with.  A perfect peach is an oft used example as an ideal partner for a dessert wine.  A challenging example would be a chocolate or toffee based dessert.  Dessert wines are often paired with a bakery sweet; consider a baked good with a hint of a bitter flavor, like an almond biscuit or almond topped croissant. Chocolates, after-mints, strong cheeses like Stilton, Gorgonzola or other mustiness cheeses and rich biscuits at tea time are wonderful companions to dessert wine.

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Corporate Gifting: The Art Of Channelising Communication!


In every organisation, there is a hierarchy of executives at different levels. To maintain a communication channel with all of them directly is not possible at most times. However, it is neccessary for us to maintain our communication with as many people as possible or atleast keep the word that the relationship exists between two people.

Corporate gifting enables you to maintain those communication channels and also keep them open all the time. Sometimes, we have not been in touch with a couple of colleagues for a long time and we require to connect with them again. We can just send them a card that wishes them well or expresses some words of thanks along with a small gift that they would love. Naturally, the gift bought shouldnt be so expensive as you must not make an impression that you are gifting them because you need them for some reason/purpose you wish to accomplish. This simple practice can be done just to keep ones relationship fresh and alive, and keep remain connected somehow with more number of people at the same time you havent been for a long long time.

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Corporate Gifting: The Power To Make People Accept You!


Everyone loves gifts and so do you, I am sure. But when someone gifts you an item, you feel loved and special. Certainly, that makes you feel completely accepted by the person who gifted you. In response to that, even you accept the person.

Accepting each other connects you well to each other and builds a platform for effective communication. Communication holds the key to a successful relationship. So, if you wish to better your communication with a lot of people, start gifting them and someday they will gift you back in return. Their gifting you back would mean that even they accept you as they certainly thank you for being who really are. Now, wouldn’t that be great?

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Corporate Gifting: Making Up Your Mistakes In Business!


We all do mistakes. Mistakes that change the course of our journey, probably in the negative. And we always require a way to change it soon towards acheiving our goals. These mistakes can be a big distraction, especially if we do it with our clients or even employees.

A mistake while dealing or talking with our clients or employees can disturb the relationship to a great extent. It can create adversity to our business and our experince of life as a whole.

What can we do to cover up or even ask for a chance to cover up our mistakes, especially in business?

One of the best ways would be to send a bouquet of flowers, preferably roses, with a small card describing that you accept your mistake and ask for forgiveness. Along with it, a small box of sweets/chocolates can also be nice though not neccessary.

Corporate gifting is one way we can get what we want by practicing the art of gifting in the right way at the right time and place.

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Corporate Gifting: Small Corporate Gifts Do Make A Smart Impression!


We always think that giving a gift that is huge or very expensive makes a big impression and that is the only way to make our colleagues and others happy. People often have this in mind that:

“A gift must be something lavish in nature” 

I completely disagree. A gift is a gift and it doesn’t come in sizes but with a spirit of celebration, encouragement and a deeper understanding. Gifts come with a bond of happiness which makes a person happy. It is not the matter inside the gift that makes a corporate gift special but the spirit attached with the corporate gift.

There is a phrase that I strongly believe in:

“Life is to live, Love is to give and Power is to forgive”

If you really wish to love a person, one of the best ways to express love is through corporate gifting an item such as a small box of sumptuous box of chocolates gift-wrapped with shining ribbons and a gold-satin gift-paper which certainly would be enough to express the warm feelings of your heart.

The point is each corporate gift is special irrespective of what it contains materially as each corporate gift comes along with a handful of love. Thus, a small corporate gift can also be enough to establish a bond with people.

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Corporate Gifting Clerks And Office Staff!


Every office has some staff which does minor work. More often than not, they are disregarded as minor people who dont have any skill or any education. Many-a-times, they are even ill-treated for petty mistakes such as a tea spill-over or even not able to do work on time.

The office boys or peons are human beings and they have to be treated carefully and respectfully. They do a lot of work for so many people in the office and are still not appreciated for the work they do. Apart from financial rewards, every individual whether a peon or an office boy requires a spiritual reward that emphasizes their intrinsic qualities as a human being.

Every individual in an office desires to be loved by the others for whatsoever and whosoever they are. It stands the same for the peons and other office staff.

Gifting a nice gift for people who contribute in those very small ways can enable you to increase their bonding with your company. Even a small token of appreciation would also do a lot to their morale. A gift that includes some very good clothes such as a nice t-shirt or sari, or even some sweets can be a great token of love towards them. Ultimately, gifting them stands as an incentive for them to work better within the company.

Make a note. Their gifts should be gift-wrapped in a very authentic and unique way that emphasizes their contribution to the company.

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Tips On Corporate Gifting Crockery Items!

While you are shopping, you suddenly show up near a crockery market. You will definitely find vases, tea cups, mugs, and specific items made of china clay there. Now, gifting items such as ones made of china clay can be a good gift just for the show of it. However, It has a certain disadvantage.

These items made of china clay are breakable easily at a fraction of a second. Moreover, if you are buying from a local market, you might not end up with a quality that you desire.

Buying a cutlery though isn’t a great or even a very bad idea; here’s what you must take care while buying them:

  1. Buy from a branded store. This way, if there are small defects, you can catch hold of the store manager and get your gift replaced. Keep the bill safe with you.
  2. Have a “Handle With CARE” label attached on the box within which the gift is placed.
  3. Make sure you place the cutlery item in a box that is strong enough to hold the cutlery intact even if the box falls off the receivers hands.
  4. Gift-wrap carefully.

Pointers To Avoid Choosing Bad Corporate Gifts!


There are some quick points that one must note while corporate gifting items:

  • Know what gift items can be an embarrassment to the receiver. For example, if you are gifting anti-smoking pills to a smoker, that would definitely be an embarrasment.
  • Know whether the person at the receiving end is a gadget freak or not. If not, don’t embarrass your self and the receiver by gifting a gadget to a person who is going to maybe sell the gadget off to encash it for money or put it in the trash box. Moreover, there are many worthless gadgets all around the marketplace.
  • Know what the other person would like to have rather than just knowing what they are passionate about. There’s a difference between the passion of the person and the person’s requirement at a given point of time.
  • Know what the person won’t like to have et all. Thats very important.

Indeed, gifting is done to make the person happy and smile with delight, not to embarrass. So, just keep in mind 😉

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Corporate Gifting: An Opportunity Or A Need?


We usually gift our colleagues and others during occassions, but why?

Well, we gift not just to celebrate the occasion but..

To express best wishes on the occasion to the receiver.

The receiver could be anybody whomsoever you connect with in your daily life.

So, is corporate gifting a neccesity or an opportunity?

Ask these questions to your own self:

Is it that your business will suffer if you dont gift? 

What is the purpose of you gifting someone? 

What will be the result if you do or dont gift someone? 

I personally don’t think corporate gifting is a neccessity all the time…

Because it is certainly an opportunity to improve relationships.

Corporate gifting is mainly done to exchange best wishes rather than

just show that you care for your clients irrespective of whether you do or don’t.

Frequently gifting your clients might show up as a lower scale of self-value from your end.

This might lead you to an awkward situation when you stop gifting after gifting consistently.

The timing is very important while gifting people.

One must have a valid purpose while corporate gifting people, especially clients,

otherwise it shows up as a negative remark.

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Corporate Gifting To Retain Customers!


“Customer is king”. This phrase is very well known amongst business houses across the globe. And customers have to be treated very well since they are always special to one’s business.

Sometimes a trader has to go out of the way and deliver more than what is expected by the client in terms of quality as well as quantity. If you are a trader and you certainly over deliver, then you are not having a problem retaining your clients more often than not. But what if you’re not able to deliver what is expected in terms of the agreement signed, you stand to lose a client. In situations like these, a trader can retain the client if the trader organizes a meeting with his/her client and discusses the reasons personally why they fail to meet what is expected. This is the right time to choose a corporate gift for your client and tell them how much you value them. This way, you can even convince them on the points that they would naturally disagree. A box of premium quality chocolates found nowhere locally can be a big delight as a corporate gift.

By gifting an exquisite but simple gift can do wonders and help a trader retain their clients well enough for a long long time. Though what is expected has to be met, there are times when the expectations seems very unrealistic. A trader can even communicate the same to the client and keep their clients doubts about a trader’s product/service at bay.

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