Bath Line Products as Corporate Gifts

Here are a few reasons why bath products should be your corporate gifts.

Want to make an impact? How about promoting your company with something more personal? May be a promotional product with a softer touch? Bath accessories with custom imprinted logo can make a great promo product. Bath line has various options from towels sets to bathrobes and Bathroom door mats to Turkish flip flops. Stepping into the corporate gifting industry, bath line is no more limited to just a utilitarian product but comes in attractive packaging that makes it a perfect corporate gifting option.

If you are thinking, bath line won’t provide you much options for different categories you are wrong. It has different product lines for women as well as for men. For special occasions, it also has bath line for babies and children with adorable hooded towels and napkins. And wedding bath sets to be given as wedding gifts. To encourage employees or pamper a gym enthusiast client, gym towels will make a great gift.

The best thing about bath lines is that, it has an array of options in patterns, colors and fabrics. From luxurious whites linen towels to the classic Turkish towels, bath line has options for all budgets. The rainleaf microfiber towel dries up in no time and is made to fit the avid traveler’s kit. Coming to the packaging part, bath lines provide ease to customize branding as well as gives a scope to package them in different creative ways and shapes.

To get a variety of options ready to be your promo products, visit Giftex.

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The Benefits of Promotional Items

Here is a guide to make the most out of promo product’s advantages.

To make a company grow and compete, marketing strategies need to be very effective and at the same time fit in the budget. Corporate gifts come into the picture for the same reason.    

The traditional marketing methods are fading away as the new ones are stepping in. Also, a study shows that millennials go for the new marketing methods over the older ones. Corporate gifts that send the message of gratitude towards clients/employees and at the same time do the branding. Promotional products fitting the requirement rightly make an ideal corporate gift. It is observed that 8 out of 10 do keep promotional merchandise for over a year, and about 88% also have a more favorable impression of the brand as a result. 

Here are some advantages of using promo products and how they can help make your brand memorable and trustworthy.

Who Uses Promotional Items?

If you look close around you, you’ll find that 8 out of 10 people use promo products on everyday basis. Be it MNCs or small business or even startups, every business uses promo items to get the benefits of its branding ease. Here are the top industries where promotional materials do wonders:

  • Real Estate
  • Education
  • Trade Show Marketers
  • Healthcare     
  • Non-profit Organizations

Why Use Promotional Products?

Send out a single promo product or make it a part of a complex marketing strategy, the effect is guaranteed.

Promo products increase the brand visibility and thus improve the outcome of marketing. A study says that adding promotional items to other marketing mix can increase the effectiveness of the campaign by 44%. 
it is not just about wanting to receive free items. The same study concludes that despite people being bombarded with advertising messages, promotional products are effective in delivering their message accurately whilst being utilitarian. 

A specific survey has shown that over 76% of the survey respondents remember the promo products they received over the past two years and the branding. This shows that the pro products have a long lasting effect on receivers and that too in same or lesser price as required for traditional marketing.

To get a variety of options ready to be your promo products, visit Giftex.

SAVE THE DATES: 2nd to 5th August 2019, Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai.

Food Products, an ideal gift for corporate events

Get the attention you deserve with logo ready candy, mints and promotional chocolates.

Feeling hungry looking at these beautiful delicacies? Make your clients feel the same. Food items make a delicious promotional product to give out as corporate gift. Spruce up your corporate gift with promotional food products. There is an array of food products that are ready to don your logo. Be it a custom chocolate bar with your logo debossed into the chocolate or candy and mint giveaways, there is no doubt that food products make a great promo product.

Snack promotional items make a good welcome break. You can choose from a wide variety of candy, nuts, mints, chocolates, fortune cookies and popcorn at India’s premier corporate gifting show, Giftex.  Holidays, Diwali, New Year, be it any occasion promo food products are everyone’s favorite. Think Chocolates with your logo imprinted, packaged in attractive of containers. Isn’t it something hard to forget? Giftex has variety of options ready to carry your company logo and message. 

Be it a holiday celebration; or the Diwali party; the honoring of employee of the year; or that the trade show – Light up your upcoming event with a tasteful gift! Not to forget the attractive packaging containers can be kept and used over and over and this way your logo will stay with them. Giftex being in industry for past 31 years has a unique selection brands offering delightful snacks, confectioneries, mithais, chocolates, cakes and more for the perfect refreshing surprise. Visit Giftex to get the ideal creative promotional item to be given out as corporate gift.

SAVE THE DATES : 2nd to 5th August 2019| Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai

Affordable Corporate Gifts

Learn about the top-selling affordable corporate gifts.

Every business has one asset, which makes it reach where it is. And that asset is its people. To maintain a good rapport with your clients and employees is very important as that decided the smooth running of your business. Gifts and gratifications are always welcomes be it an achievement or start of a new journey. Strengthening the client-business relation is like investing in social capital. Showing gratitude by gifting something unique and personalized is a great way to make an impression. Also, it is quintessential in today’s competitive environment to motivate your employees with rewards and gifts. 

Although, not everyone has a huge budget to splurge on personalized luxurious gifts. While on the other hand there are high chances of you spending on a gift that won’t appeal to the client and therefore the connection is lost. To avoid splurging on irrelevant gifts, it is advised to rather invest in basic products as your corporate gifts that will save both your money as well as the association.   

Here are a few top selling basic corporate gifts that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

1.)    Desktop accessories :

Desktop accessories like pen holders, mouse pads, photo frames, table clocks etc these tabletop accessories will always remind them of you and your brand. 

2.)    Silverware:

What more classic and regal can it be to impress your clients other than silverware products? Be it silver coins, jars, a tea set or god idols, silverware has an option for each budget and requirement.  

3.)    Awards and achievements:

Trophies and medals have been the all-time solution to celebrate employee’s success and motivate them for better performance. 

4.)    Stationery:

“I have enough of stationeries,” said nobody ever. Office stationeries have been an important part of corporate gifting from the very beginning and still haven’t lost its relevance. 

5.)    Passport cover:

Passport covers make a very thoughtful corporate gift as it fits in the basic need of holding a passport.  Passport covers are travel must-have and  

6.)    Insulated lunch boxes :

Gifts are also a great way to show that a company cares about its employees. Giving out utilitarian gifts like lunchbox will strengthen the company – employee bond. Along with a sophisticated insulated carrier to carry lunch, this gift will also motivate a healthy habit of bringing homemade food.    

7.)     Mobile and computer accessories:

Mobile, tabs, computer and laptops are crucial gadgets today and accessories that help to maintain and enhance these gadgets makes an excellent gift. For example, a keyboard cleaning brush kit will help employees keep the keyboards in better condition that too without taking any efforts.  

8.)    Alluring socks/ties :

Who else would know the daily struggle of being formals ready other than the company? Socks and ties form an important part of the formal attire and gifting a bunch of attractive comfortable pair of socks or tie can make a nice gift.   

9.)    Coffee Mugs:

What good gift can it make for a coffee lover than a coffee mug? A coffee mug with a motivation quote, unbreakable material and attractive design will enhance their experience and also will help your brand stay on top of their head. 

10.)    Business card holder:

Best corporate gifts are those which enhances professional life. Gifting a stylish and sleek business card holder makes a great gift no matter on which position your receiver is working.

Hope this article helped you understand and plan your presentation of corporate gifts better. Find all of the above and more such corporate gifting solutions at India’s premier corporate gifting show Giftex 2019. 

How Should A Corporate Gift Look?

Learn why presentation of gift plays an important role in corporate gifting.

No matter your gift is small or big, common or premium, utilitarian or luxury possession, the way you present a gift to the receiver makes a huge difference. A research shows that the receivers are happier to receive neatly presented gifts than the poorly packaged one. Not to forget many people are    obsessed with properly wrapped gifts and get upset on not receiving a gift properly wrapped irrespective of how premium is the gift. This shows that the right type of presentation can change the entire perspective of receiver towards the gift sent by you.

A neatly wrapped gift not only looks great to present but also serves the main purpose of sending out corporate gifts, which is to strengthen relation. Now what kind of presentation is ideal presentation? The presentation of the gift depends on the product given out as gift as well as recipient’s choice, status and interest. The gift you send out to your employees, clients or prospect clients carry your company’s name, brand image and reputation. While festive-themed presentation makes a nice way to cheer-up the festive mood, not to forget being a corporate gift it should not be jazzy and look decent.

There are various options available for packaging corporate gifts in an attractive manner. Here are some of the options one can opt for corporate gift presentation.

  • Wrap papers with branding  

Wrap papers are possibly the most convenient and commonly used gift wrapping option. Strengthening the bond between company and clients/employees being the main purpose of corporate gifts, it is important to put brand name, logo or signature on the wrapping.   

  • Gift Baskets

With the growing trend of hampers in corporate gifting, the demand for baskets is increasing. Each hamper is uniquely crafted to suite the personality of the receiver and carries a theme with it. There various designs in baskets crafted from different material jute, wood, leather, tin, hardboard and more. Depending on the products the material of the basket is selected to complement the corporate gifts.

  • Boxes with branding

The world of gifting is incomplete without boxes. Boxes those are available in all kinds of shapes, sizes, designs and materials. Some of the most commonly used boxes are corrugated box, rigid box and folding carton. Pertaining to the current environmental scenario there are eco-friendly boxes available to   ensure a good brand image.   

  • Bags with  branding

Bags make an ideal option to give light-weighted gifts. There are different types of bags available in materials like paper, hard paper, fabric, etc. Bags also make a convenient packaging option as it gives ease of carrying and is pocket-friendly. To complement the luxury gifts there are elite bags made of elite material.

Hope this article helped you understand and plan your presentation of corporate gifts better. Find all of the above and more such corporate gifting solutions at India’s premier corporate gifting show Giftex 2019.

How to create a gift hamper for corporate gifts?

Tips for choosing ideal gift hampers for corporate gifting.

What does happiness look like? Does it look like a basket full of gifts? Sure, there is no doubt that gift hampers are more preferred over gifting a single product. Creating a personalized gift hamper as per the client’s likes and dislikes can create a long-lasting impression on the receiver. From anniversary to retirement and congratulatory to festive, there is a hamper available for each category. Also, there are brands that study your company’s need and the receiver’s likings and craft the hamper. These brands also provide solutions related to corporate gifting hampers if needed.

Here are a few types of hampers that are popular in corporate gifting.

  • Basket full of chocolates:  

Chocolates have been all-time favourite for gifting irrespective of what age group the receiver belongs. There are all types of chocolate hampers available for corporate gifting from locally available chocolates to the premium range of chocolates. Apart from wide variety of flavors, chocolate also allow some of the best ways of customizing and branding on it making it the most desirable corporate gifting product.      

  • Men’s grooming kit:

Some men are very particular about their grooming choices especially hair care and colognes. If you are planning to choose a gift for such a client, a decent men’s grooming kit makes a perfect fit. A kit that will help him take proper care of his dapper personality with products like shower gel, beard oil, cologne, shaving tools and products.      

  • Massage oil and Spa kit:

When it comes to corporate gifting to elite clients, it is important to choose wisely. A hamper consisting good massage oils, scrubs, brushes, moisturizers and scented candles can bring the tranquil spa experience at home. Luxurious items like massage oils and spa products hamper can help the client get a relaxing experience and will make a positive impression on their mind.

  • Gluten-free gift hamper:

With a growing number of people becoming health conscious, there is a growing demand for healthy products. Also, considering the health issues such as high sugar and diabetes, it is best advised to be well researched about the client you are planning to gift. A gluten-free gift hamper is both healthy and a delicious options.     

  • Tea / Coffee hamper:

If you know that the person you are gifting is a tea or coffee lover then there is no other way to impress him than to gift him the same. A good beverage hamper consists of different flavors of tea/coffee, complementing snacks and accessories. Each cup of tea/coffee from the hamper will remind the receiver of your brand and the sweet gesture.

These are some of the best corporate gifting hamper ideas that will not only keep your clients/ employees happy but also create a great company image.

Convenient Corporate Gifts 2019

Know the top convenient products that will make a safe choice as corporate gifts.

Organizations send a corporate gift to their clients and employees as a gesture of appreciation and thankfulness. It is to strengthen the bond with the clients and surprise employees with a reward for their hard work. Today the corporate gifting market has spread across widely, from a pen to i-pad anything and everything can be gifted as a corporate gift depending on your budget and brand. There is a lot of research behind finding out the receiver’s likes and dislikes.
Although, there are a few products that fit for all and make the gifting process easier. Here is a list of such products, which are convenient and are effortlessly impressive.
1.) Fitness Tracker: Fitness tracker is the new ‘it product’ and is available with various options that make it a must-have product. From a simple waistband calculating footsteps, calories and distance to the hi-tech ones that track heart rates and sleep recommends workout, displays cell phone notification and more. These fitness trackers are available in different price options available depending on the features and thus make a convenient corporate gifting option to consider.
2.) Home Appliances: Home appliances are products used for daily chores. These include kitchenware, kitchen accessories, home décor, furniture, appliances, etc. Such products are used daily and so brand recognition is higher. Gifting home appliances as corporate gifts is definitely a good idea.
3.) Power Banks: Phone covers, USB chords, headphones & earphones, portable speakers, all these accessories have become as important as owning a cell phone. Although, power bank is tops the list of must-have product. Gifting a power bank is both a convenient option as well as easy to customize.
4.) Pen Drives: Pen drives are one of the most important office/ computer accessories in today’s world. Pen drives are available in various sizes and designs. The easy customization makes is a perfect option for corporate gifting.
5.) Health Bars: Corporate gifts are given to show gratitude and strengthen relations with clients/ employees. What better gift can it be other than a healthy product? Health bars are nutritious bars available in various delicious flavors that make it a healthy and tasty choice. Also, it sends a good company image to the receiver.
These are the top five convenient corporate gifting products of 2019 and help you build a strong relationship with your employees and clients.

Scented Candle Is The Next Big Thing In Corporate Gifting

Learn about the new favourite in corporate gifting, the sweet-smelling candles.

From basic necessity stores to luxury gifting stores, there are various types and flavors of scented candles for different occasions and preferences. Scented candles are gifted for various purposes, which encourages both homemade entrepreneurs and brands to make and sell their products to their respective target audience. And thus you find both various types of fragranced candles ranging from casual to the luxury indulgence. There is no doubt that scented candles are the new favourite amongst the corporate gift buyers. The various types and flavors make it easy to customize these alluring fragranced candles and thus, it has become an instant hit in the corporate gifting arena.

Types of Candles Currently Popular

As mentioned earlier, the biggest advantage of scented candles is the various types available. There are many types depending on the categories and limited edition fragrances. But what we will discuss here are just a few current types trending on the block.

1)    Aromatherapy Candles

A big hit amongst all the candle categories, scented or aromatherapy candles are popular as they lit up space with a pleasant aroma. The notes used to create these fragrances

2)    Soy Candles

Soy candles are made of wax extracted from soybeans, it is the latest hit in the market for their base material being a renewable resource and the long-lasting utility. 

3)    Vegan Candles

There is substantial growth in the number of people opting for a vegan lifestyle. This segment of people is more concerned about no animal ingredients used in the making of the products. Vegan candles are made with soy wax, plant-based waxes, essential oils, and natural fragrances and thus are a new favourite amongst buyers.    

4)    Decorative Candles

 Candles being available in various sizes, shapes and colors are a huge hit in home décor brands. There is a candle to complement every space enhancing its look and thus the decorative candles in complex designs are the new hot thing.

The easy customization makes it possible to fit in both general and luxury corporate gifting category. Although you must be making the most of e-commerce business and marketing for your aromatic products, you should try taking your products out to your target audience at exhibitions/pop-up shop events as personal selling makes a huge difference in this business.

Choosing Corporate Gifts Made Easy

Plan your corporate gifts prior to festive season with Giftex App.

Diwali is just 8 weeks away. As the festive season appears closer, you are reminded with a list of to-do things. Along with the celebrations festivals comes a task of organizing various things including, holidays, office parties and corporate gifts. Corporate gifts form an important part of the client relationship as well as the employee encouragement.

The company sends out corporate gifts to its clients as a gesture of thanks to celebrate the festival together and to its employees as a token of appreciation. It isn’t a secret that these gifts are enhanced with placing branding of the giver’s company. Corporate gifts have become a face of promotional products and thus form an important part of promotional marketing.

Giftex being a pioneer show in corporate gifting for past three decades brings the best of the data at your convenience. You can now find around 50,000 products and 150 exclusive brands and distributors available to you at a tap. All you need to do is download the official Giftex App. This app helps you to find the leading manufacturers, distributors and brands in corporate gifting industry. Also, it makes the selection and process of order placement simpler.

If you too had a great experience selecting your corporate gift with Giftex App share your experience with us at You can download the official Giftex App at        

It’s A Wrap!

Giftex 2018 show wraps up with a tremendously positive response.

Gifting never goes out of fashion. Occasions and reasons keep adding in and corporate gifting is one such important segment added to the modern-day gifting industry. Corporate gifting is a serious business and a crucial part of indirect promotions. Be it a startup or MNC, corporate gifts are an inevitable part of the networking, relation maintenance and employee appreciation process. And Giftex is proud to be a part of your journey from finding the right gift to giving you different branding options, for past 30 years.

Giftex 2018, the 31st edition of Giftex was held from 2nd to 5th August at Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai. The show saw an overwhelming response from quality visitors and leading manufacturers and suppliers in the corporate gifting industry. A major increase in attendees from event and media agencies was observed pertaining to the fact that they curate the corporate gifts for MNCs and corporates. Around 150 exhibitors including Indian and International brands, niche product brands, startups, non-profit organizations and handicrafts manufacturers were a part of Giftex 2018. Around 15,000 visitors were present at the event during the four days.

Giftex is the only one of its kind of an expo, which has been ceaselessly researching and adapting the new age technology to promote the exhibitors, reach more of the targeted audience and make your corporate gifting experience a cake walk. In order to provide the visitors with powerful insights into the exhibitor’s information, various media campaigns were delivered including SMS, WhatsApp, Emailers and Voice blasts. This helped both exhibitors to get the right kind of audience to their stall and the visitors to plan their visit effortlessly.

If you too had a great experience at Giftex and wish to stay in touch with us download our app at Google Play Store and Apple Store. Also, you can get all the latest updates about the happenings in the corporate gifting industry through our blog at

We hope to see you next year at Giftex 2018, 2nd to 5th August, Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai.