Some sleek services have emerged on the horizon in recent times to allow people to locate products as well as create wish lists, which can be e-mailed to your family, friends, colleagues and distant relatives, essentially to make sure that they get at least one cherished thing they aspire for. One among them is Svpply (pronounced ‘supply’). Here’s it what does or you!

What if you are in the market searching for a winter wardrobe, but not sure which puffy coat or motorcycle boots pair to add to your buying list? After signing up, this service, lets users find other like-minded users as well as friends, to check the products and items that they have ‘liked’ on the website.

Many brands, shops and boutiques do update their own items’ feeds – those they’re selling themselves or the ones they have recommended. As an introductory note on the site mentions: “Svpply is a fast-growing community of people discovering the products that they love. Use it to keep track of the things you wish to buy, or browse your own feed of products from all across the web, curated and filtered by other people and stores that you yourself find interesting.”

Users may key in generic terms such as wool scarf and gloves. They then can browse through the items those in their own network as well as others have added to their lists. The service also makes recommendations on basis of the tastes of the different people you follow. Once you happen to spot that near-perfect white leather gloves pair or camel-hair coat, you can add the items to a holiday gift list.

The website has a frequently-updated rotation of gift guides for all budgets, cutting across a wide range of categories, such as booze, women’s accessories and tech. Svpply allows shoppers to keep tab on drool-worthy products/ items that they see on other websites, bookmarking the same in their account for further perusal.

Startups such as Sincerely (along with Sesame) as well as  Wrapp (recently funded), carry on in this particular space, while a few others move off in different directions. For instance, Giftly chose to exit earlier this year, whereas Boomerang has decided to turn its focus more to the B2B market.

However, Amazon is trying to tap the potential social gifting arena with its latest Birthday Gift feature. It can well be said that users don’t generally associate Facebook with shopping or spending the manner in which they do with the former.

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