Online gift cards lead to a lucrative business model

Wrapp is a fun and easy way to give free and paid gift cards to your Facebook friends. Based in Stockholm, Wrapp also has branches in countries like Australia, Brazil, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Poland, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, Turkey, and the United States.

It serves as a marketing platform, which generates both online traffic and in-person sales for brands. Its idea is to drive sales by allowing consumers to send free as well as paid gift cards to family and friends on popular social networks like Facebook.

Wrapp lets merchants from various domains appeal to prospects directly rather than using expensive television ads, print ads or other traditional methods of advertising. Of course, it’s up to each individual Wrapp user to decide if and when they wish to send a free gift card to any of their friends.

Signing up for an account on Wrapp is fast and easy. You just need to click ‘Join Wrapp’ button or download its app from Google Play or the App Store. Your Wrapp account will connect to Facebook account automatically. That obviously makes everything quite easy. You are not needed to create another user ID/password to start dispatching Wrapp gift cards.

On the other hand, the merchants who are interested in partnering with Wrapp, are required to fill out the form available at for more information.

The highly popular social gift-giving service, as mentioned above, lets members give away free and paid gift cards using their computer or smartphone. The service claims to be ‘fast, easy and fun’. Many of its partners provide every day a limited number of gift cards for free. If none are there when you happen to check, you may try again!

The real beauty of the whole business model, though, is not exactly how it functions for the end user, but the way the company has opted to pitch the deals with all of its retail partners. Businesses happily give away cards of a certain value since they know people are inclined to add value or when they visit the store to redeem it, they more often than not will be spending more than what’s there on the card.

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