On Akshay Tritiya, gift gold

It is believed that if you pray to goddess ‘Laxmi’, the goddess of prosperity and wealth, and perform a puja, the goddess will bless you. Akshay Tritiya is the festival on which people invariably buy gold. By doing so, a person’s wealth is believed to increase drastically.

You can gift gold on this auspicious day. In olden days, as you might be aware, gold was the only medium for exchanging goods and services. In fact, gold and silver, known to be the purest forms of metals and also the most sacred ones, were offered to temples as gifts.

One can choose to gift gold and silver coins, jewelry and much more. This Akshay Tritiya, gifting gold to your family friends, relatives, office colleagues, bosses and others would not only bring them good luck but will also ensure a relationship that lasts a lifetime. Make sure that you brand your gift to enhance the goodwill of your budding business or company.

Gold was one of the glittering gifts that the Three Wise Men got for Jesus at the moment of his birth. It caught the imagination worldwide as many conducted experiments to master Alchemy, the art of converting any base metal into shiny gold. It was among the most coveted metals. It became the currency of noblemen and kings until it was replaced by paper.

Gold signifies richness and luxury. Today it is a popular fashion accessory for males and as well as females in more ways than one. Gold embellishes clothes, bags and shoes apart from traditional pieces for ears, wrists and waists. No bride in India will go without gold on her wedding day. Though expensive, it’s an ideal choice for a corporate as well as a personal gift.

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