What’s going to work this Valentine’s Day? Here are a few simple ideas that will warm the hearts and sure will work provided you customize them. Here are some tried and tested gift ideas for Valentine’s Day that you can make even more special by thoughtful personalization and presentation:

A well-arranged bouquet of fabulous flowers

A beautiful bouquet of flowers with a nice note is the safest bet. It always works. Find out about your lover’s floral preferences. Lilies and Tulips are among the more popular choices. And, of course, the rose! Keep in mind the connotations and meanings attached with colors before you pick the flowers.

  • Red: Love, respect
  • Two red roses joined together: Engagement or marriage (use it carefully)!
  • Rose buds: Beauty, youth
  • Pink: Grace, gentility
  • White: Innocence, reverence, purity
  • Yellow: Joy
  • Red and White: Unity
  • Orange: Desire

Silk flowers & plants make a good gift idea since they last forever just like your love for him or her.


This one invariably works since it spells out sensuality. Nothing indeed melts a heart like Valentines Day chocolate. Keep in mind the taste of your sweetheart and whether he or she prefers dark chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate truffles or nutty chocolate. They all send a message of love.


This is an idea that will invariably work for making your lady love happy! Rings, earrings, watches, bracelets and necklaces all work! It may be a bit costly but nothing turns on the charm quite as much as a rich piece of jewelry. Opt for a simple pendant on a shining silver chain for an even more elegant look. Of course, high prices can prove to be a deterrent!

Even though these gift ideas may seem common, you can give a special touch to some of the most ubiquitous objects with a touch of imagination and innovation. It’s not the price tag that makes a gift stand apart. The way you give a gift is what bound to make it unique. For example, a photo frame can be made to look special and memorable by inserting some of the most unforgettable moments in your relationship’s journey. This will sure please the person most dear to you!

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