In the previous blog, we glanced through some interesting games on offer from Funskool. Here are some more vivacious variants of board games.

Fun Carrom: A game of carroms with 9 white coins, 9 Black coins 1 Red coin set as per the game rules, ready to strike and pocket… But hey! Who shrunk the board? Yes, this is one of the smallest carroms you can find with all similar features of the regular board. It’s a never ending fun playing on this Fun Carrom!

Twister: This one is a real bodybender! Twist bend stretch and perform a whole lot of tricks to stay in the game! A hilarious game with loads of fun and a great way to stay fit.

Littlest pet shop game: These little pets are on an adventure to win the blue ribbon at the Pet Show. The first pet to collect its 3 items and get to the Pet Show wins the blue ribbon.

Tom & Jerry game: The game is all about running and chasing through the party.

Taboo: The game where the players have to try to get their team to guess the secret word, without using the five Taboo clues. If the secret word is ‘kitten’, they can’t say ‘meow’, ‘cat’, ‘purr’, ‘furry’, or ‘animal’. If they do, they will be unceremoniously ‘buzzed’ by the opposing team. Participants have 60 seconds to get their team to guess as many words as possible. But clues need to be chosen carefully because they might be Taboo.

Yahztee: It’s America’s all time favorite dice game. Since 1956 players have been rolling classic dice combinations like full house. Large straight and five of a kind – that’s Yahtzee. The object of the game is to score the most points by rolling five dice to make certain combinations. The dice can be rolled up to three times in a turn to try to make one of the thirteen possible scoring combinations.

Check more Funskool games here
(Information and image courtesy: Funskool)

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