While chalking out a corporate gift strategy, it is very important to keep the return on investment (ROI) aspect in mind. Above all, treat a gift as a symbol of your business ethos: The gift should ideally be an apt reflection of the business, profession or hobby one is interested in, which would be the most appropriate gesture for any occasion. For instance, a stylish travel bag would be perfect if one’s business activity is related to tourism.

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Several top names from the gifting industry are displaying a wide variety of gifting options like albums, artifacts, bags, pens, briefcases, calculators, calendars, diaries, cameras, caps, promotional clothing, clocks, watches, crockery, cutlery, crystalware, desktop accessories, corporate embellishments, photo frames, home furnishings, idols, statuettes, key chains, lamps, luggage, leather products, and much, much more…

Another important consideration is whether or not to put a logo or not on your present. Many businesses prefer customized gifts, which carry a logo, hoping to create a lasting impression in the minds of recipients. When the item is a utility one likely to be used on day-to-day basis like a calendar, or coffee mug, there is a tackiness quotient to consider.

Customized items with a logo may make great trade show premiums or perfect leave-behinds, but they could never be considered deeply heartfelt gifts. It makes sense to indulge in blatant self-promotion only in cases where a gift’s logo does not create emotional damage to the user’s ego. In backdrop of above tips, here are some cost-effective gifting ideas to consider: watches, reading lamps, pen holders, mugs/cups, sculptures, flower pots, perfumes, and candle holders, among others.