As we all know, this is the time when many of us start worrying about acute water contamination and puddles, which act as an active breeding ground for mosquitoes. And this is exactly when eager brands come up with a slew of water-purification as well as mosquito repellent solutions. They chalk out extensive marketing plans hoping for a brisk business.

Among top brands in the domain of mosquito repellant, are SC Johnson’s All Out, Reckitt Benckiser’s Mortein and Godrej’s Good Knight, to a name a few. All three of them enjoy dominate the segment. On other hand, Tortoise, considered a leader at one point of time in this space, seems to have fallen behind.

According to marketing experts, it tends to lose out somewhat on the peculiar perception cues of ‘upper class’ and ‘”progressive’. Both of them are key drivers of ‘esteem’ and ‘relevance’ in the competitive category. Whatever might be the reason for its apparent decline in terms of brand perception, this ‘slow & steady’ is certainly not winning the race in contrary to what the tales of wisdom profess .

As an effective repellent ointment, Odomos from Dabur continues to do well in brand perception for itself. It enjoys an impressive ‘differentiation’ score. Is this perhaps because Odomos has chosen to restrict itself to ointments alone? If so, then why the same has not worked equally well for Tortoise? If one looks carefully at brand usage factor, Odomos lags behind the top brands as far as regular usage is concerned. It’s seen more as an option than the naturally preferred brand.

Restricting the brand perception to just one format may well be the reason, whereas Tortoise has steadily lost ground to other brands offering more diverse usage formats. In other words, it’s time for Odomos for looking at more innovative and interesting formats so as to maintain its popular brand perception.

Piramal is a relatively new entrant in the crowded mosquito repellent section. It has launched the Banditz range of repellent bands especially for children this monsoon, to check if it can weather competition successfully.

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